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New Live DVD

liveThe out-of-print compilation album Servants of Chaos, may be re-released with a bonus DVD of live shows by Metal Blade Records. That will be the first time Cirith Ungol appears officially on DVD.

if all goes well MB in germany may re-release servants with a DVD of live shows........... we are working out the details...
-Robert Garven, 23 Mar 2010

Click here for more information about Servants of Chaos or here for more information about a possible Cirith Ungol DVD.



Update 09 Apr 2010

It has come to my attention that "the re-release of Servants with the DVD was cancelled due to artistic differences between the band members". I can't tell more about this at the moment, but hopefully things will (and should!) work out soon.


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2010-03-28 22:04:45

Yes, indeed! Personally I'd prefer the repress of Servants and the live DVD to be two separate releases, so people who already have the Servants album doesn't need to buy it again.

2010-03-28 21:45:39

Can I  comment...It's about time!!!!!

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