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A Little Fire - Live


I just received some really cool news that needs to be shared with all Ungolfans out there!

Californian cult metal legends CIRITH UNGOL will release their new live album, "A Little Fire - Live" in December 2010 via Liquid Flame Records. The first live album ever by these metal veterans, will have the classic line-up from Frost and Fire, that is Baker, Lindstrom, Fogle, Flint and Garven. All tracks were recorded between 1979 and '82. As a bonus, it will have two additional, previously unreleased tracks taken from the recording sessions for the unfinished, fifth album. The cover artwork was created by Michael Whelan for the Elric novels.


That will make a great christmas present! Cool Please note that the cover shown here will not necessarily reflect the final work. Read more about a possible Live-album here (information from before this live album was announced).


Update 03 Apr 2010

Don't hold your breathe, this was of course just a 1st April joke!


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2010-04-08 22:22:19
Paul Mancillas

If this WAS an April fools joke, I am going to slam my head into a wall and castrate myself with a #2 pencil...

2010-04-06 05:55:37
louis vuitton bag

it seems very coool!

2010-04-02 20:25:44

Well said Mark. This was of course just a 1st of April hoax Cool 

2010-04-02 02:30:35
Joel Krueger
Awesome I totally need a copy of that!! Sweet! -J.Krueger/Bassist

2010-04-01 06:47:31

Greatest musical news I have heard  in  the last  decade--right up there with Maiden and Priest  reforming  with their  greates singers. Hail to the Master's of the Pit!

2010-04-01 02:44:00

Good God, here is my cash.  Take it, take it quick.

2010-04-01 02:23:33
Mark Dexter

if this is not a 1st of April joke, it is the best news since the invention of the delay effect

2010-04-01 01:23:26

I just want, I just want a little fire!

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