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Official auctions

Official auctions

I've noticed some new auctions by drummer Robert Garven.


Both original members Greg Lindstrom and Robert Garven have been selling various stuff on eBay for a while including some Cirith Ungol souvenirs. The latest Cirith Ungol additions are:

A signed photo


"This is a one of a kind Cirith Ungol print made from the original negative on Kodak paper. It was taken by Greg Hazard, and is 30.5x20". I think it was taken at the Beverly Theater, in Beverly Hills, CA but not sure. I was a co-founder and drummer for the band for 21 years.
If desired I will sign and personalize. It should be framed and matted and is currently rolled up but in excellent shape. Hard times forces sale. You will never see another one of these  "




A signed Frost and Fire LP



"I was the original dummer and co-founder of Cirith Ungol. After 9 years together we finally released our first album "Frost & Fire". This is a VERY RARE opportunity to obtain the original first copy of this the first album we produced signed by all the original members except myself. If requested I will sign it also, however these signatures were made to me and at the time the record was released. This is especially rare as Jerry our original guitarist  passed away many years ago signature is here also. Hard time makes me offer the rarest piece of Cirith Ungol memorabilia and my most important in my collection. Although I never made any success I am hoping that one of our fans has been successful and can aquire this once in a lifetime piece of rock history. We were the first band in LA to release out own record independently and this was it. The label is even blank! Thanks for looking. I will answer any questions about this item, and include a new never opened copy of the same album to whomever buys this one."



One Foot In Hell poster



I was the original and only drummer and co-founder of the Heavy Metal band Cirith Ungol. There were posters made for our 3rd album "One Foot in Hell" which was released on Metal Blade Records in 1986.  They depicted the amazing illustration of Michael Whelan, which also appeared on the Michael Moorcock book entitled, "The Vanishing Tower". All of them were folded in quarters and sent out with the records for in store displays. However a few example were left unfolded. Here is a perfect example of one of those very rare posters. It measures 28.5 x 22" and is in PERFECT CONDITION! Hard times makes me offer the rarest piece of Cirith Ungol memorabilia and my most of my collection. Although I never had any success I am hoping that some of our fans has been more successful and can acquire this piece of memorabilia of rock  and Heavy Metal history. We were the first band in LA to release out own record independently. Thanks for looking. I will answer any questions about this item, and sign if requested.






Some appealing items, unfortunately the price is not exactly cheap.

To see all items currently being sold by Robert Garven, click here.
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All additional items for sale by either Rob or Greg at eBay, will automatically appear in the News Feed!


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