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Go It Alone in Athens

A new version of Dexter Ward's cover was played live at Gagarin, 28 Oct 2010. Dexter Ward previously covered Cirith Ungol's Go it Alone in 04 Mar 2010 at the Up the Hammers Festival. That version was released on vinyl.






Its one of our favourite band of all times. I speak with Greg and Robert from time to time trying to convice them to play at Up the Hammers festival something that can't work. We chosen the song for many reasons. One of them  and the most important is that we love the song as every Cirith Ungol song ever written. The song has also a lyrical theme that is what me and Marco wanted to express after our departure from battleroar. We were born with a 6 string in our hands and we'll go it alone hehe.

-Manolis "Barraza" Karazeris (guitarist), 19 Mar 2010



We had been wanting to play a Cirith Ungol cover for quite a long time, and although it's indeed an anusual choice we found out "Go It Alone" was the right one for us, for many different reasons. Our guitar player Akis loves it for its Van Halen feel, and the vocal melodies used by Tim Baker on this one are more "standard" and less complex to pull out for me compared to what he does on most of the other Cirith Ungol songs. Since it is an up tempo rocker with a big chorus it worked well live and certain parts of the lyrics reflect exactly what we are now doing, being back with Dexter Ward. I also have to say I liked this song from the first time I listened to Paradise Lost.  The six strings in my hand thing, some might call it clichè, I call it the rock and roll way and fighting for your dreams ... can you get more pure and more honest than this, and most of all, more american? We are reaching our middle 30s now but for us this dream is more alive than ever.

-Marco Concoreggi (vocalist), 22 Mar 2010


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2010-11-15 23:30:11

hmm.. I see it more as a fun hymn/tribute to one of their favourite bands, not as an attempt to outperform Cirith Ungol.

2010-11-15 00:12:11
Ioannis Katis

Mediocre!The singer sucks and doesen't stand a chance,the main solo of the song mysteriously vanished,and the atmosphere,even if this is the most catchy song of paradise lost and not so atmospheric,here it sounds like a childish junior high school party.Sorry guys even if i'm used to Cirith Ungol crap cover versions having heard (ohh my God...) one foot in fire, i'm allways pissed off when someone tries to reach out and touch the masters of the pit.Go cover wotan or doomsword,i don't give a shit,but when it comes to C.U. i seriously do give a shit.Not only every attempt turns out lame,but a serious sacrilege too!So go it alone if you like,but save us from your lonesome...!

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