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Some news about the upcoming album

kotdWell, not really. Just some random stuff.

King of the Dead - 2 Disc Boxset
At least four different sellers at eBay, Moviemars and perhaps from others places, are selling a new CD titled King of the Dead 2 disc/box set. I tried to contact all four of them to ask about the item. None of them was able to help! So at the cheap price, I ordered one and found out it is just King of the Dead, no extras at all.

New review... in Greece!
If you know greece, read here. If not, use your favourite translator. If you'd like to translate it to English, do not hesitate!


The Shit List: Top 25 Worst Band Names EVER!

What is sais about Cirith Ungol:

I remember seeing an album by this band in a mail-order ad stuck in the back of some rock & roll magazine when I was a kid. The name stuck with me because, at the time, I thought it was the perfect name for a metal band that wanted to spend the rest of their career in absolute obscurity.

The name Cirith Ungol is taken from Tolkien's "The Lord Of The Rings", as the band members were heavy into the "Swords & Sorcery" stuff as kids, but now admit that maybe they'd have been better off coming up with a different name. D'oh!

Source: The Shit



Tribute video
I just stumpled across this fairly new Cirith Ungol tribute video. It's an instrumental medley of Ungol songs with a slideshow of a rather odd choice of pictures. Some of them doesn't really belong there IMO, but judge for yourself!


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