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Convixion - I'm Alive

convixionHere is a live cover of Cirith Ungol's I'm Alive by the Greece metal band Convixion. It was recorded in Kyttaro, Athens, Greece on 20 Dec 2010.

Unfortunately the sound quality is not great and the beginning is missing. If you know of a better version, please comment or contact!


UPDATE 22 Dec 2010: Comments from the band under the video!







A short interview with Nick Papakostas, guitars and vocals, 22 Dec 2010


What are your relations to Cirith Ungol?
- We do not have any personal relations to Cirith Ungol. We are just huge huge huge fans of their music.


Why did you choose to cover Cirith Ungol?
- We used to jam some Cirith Ungol songs during our rehearsals. We played at Larissa city some weeks ago and we thought to give it a try. We played "Black Machine" and it went really well. Everyone's comment were very encouraging.


And why exactly I'm Alive?
- Because it is one of the best songs ever written and one of our favorites. He hadn't told anyone that we were going to cover I'm Alive. It was a big surprise for all.

You do not have to know the story behind the lyrics. Each one of us had in his life one, two or many dark times... This song reflects our feelings in times like these. It gives us a way to express emotions. But the true power of the song is in the end. The last two lines are the ones that give you strenght to hold  and move on... Great great great song. Fully emotional...

Will this cover be released on any record?
It wasn't recorded. Only what you saw on youtube, so no!

Any plans for a studio cover version?
Not for the moment! I think that a song like this cannot be re-recorded. It might lose its originality. The production of "Frost and Fire" is one of the elements that makes it so magical (even though for many people it isn't "good")

Nick and Convixion


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2010-12-23 04:47:36

Ι think this the right attitude to treat CIrith Ungol,well done guys you did great!

2010-12-23 04:36:14

Comments by Nick Papakostas of Convixion added! Cool

Great cover IMO, Papakostas, the singer, looks and sounds very passionate. Would be nice to hear more Ungol covers from these guys.

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