Distant Skies

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4.01.2001 Some new stuff
I added some midi files, and made header images for albums.
Now the layout is pretty good.
25.12.2000 New layout at DS
Itīs not so big change,but thereīs some changes, the new "menu" on right side, and the main page is also new.
2.12.2000 Small updates
Very long time since last updated.
This time i fixed some graphics,and added Hunting High And Low-video to Audio-page
15.11.2000 Infinite sold gold!
That's 3 in a row. First Visions, then Destiny and now Infinite. Stratovarius wants to thank everyone who has bought the album and celebrate gig in Tavastia is 25th November.

I also want informate you about Infinite Visions video clips.
For copyright law, you wonīt see them here, but click here to go Ofiicial Stratovarius homepage video cap-section


27.10.2000 Images
I fixed the albums-page,there was some problems with the Fourth Dimension. In picture-page is some new images,and now there is seven galleries. Take a look! . All images by Agneta Algotsson, remember to ask her permission for using the photos on any web site
22.10.2000 Fun Stuff
I finally added something to the fun stuff-page.
Now you can download some wallpapers from four albums and the font what was used on Visions-album. Happy downloading!
21.10.2000 News about the  Infinite Visions
Stratovarius will release The Infinite visions VHS&DVD in 20.11.2000.VHS lenght is 150 minutes, and itīs also in DVD format.The vhs icludes 6 music videos,lots of livematerial and offstage stuff.It also includes Timo Kotipeltoīs injury in Wacken Open Air 2000. The DVD is exactly the same but DVD has a bonus music video "Hold On To Your Dream" by Timo Kotipelto and Timo Tolkki.
20.10.2000 Rest... removed&fun stuff added
It means that I removed the rest..-page and put the fun stuff instead.
Hopely I finish that page soon.Also the tour info-page is under costruction,sorry guys...
19.10.2000 Guestbook added
I put the guestbook back.I thought that it would be good,because only one had wrote to forum...

Bugs fixed&mp3īs removed

Long while,since last updated...
I fixed some bugs,most of them were on the albums-page..
I still havenīt put those rest...-section stuff on pages.
There should be some gsm-ringtones and logos and wallpapers and other fun stuff.

Mp3īs were deleted,because I thought that it would be better to find good ones..I mean really GOOD ones!!
I think that soon iīll fix tour info page,and add something on rest...-page.
If you have something to say,just mail me.

-Keep the melody in metal-
17.09.2000 Tour info updated,forum added&guestbook removed
I finally fixed the Tour Info page. It was under construction for long while.Now there is South American / Latin American Tour 2000 and Infinite European Tour leg 2 info.

Forum is also a good update. You can leave messages when you like,and i try to reply to them. Also other visitors can reply to all of them.

I also removed the guestbook,i thought that it would be stupid to keep forum and also a guestbook

11.09.2000 New single&homevideo coming!
Stratovarius will release Million Lightyears away single.
The new single will include four (4) songs. The songs will be Million Lightyears Away,Phoenix (live),Infinity (live) and Celestial Dream.

The video is coming 20th nowember and it will be very interesting.
Stratovarius has 140 hours material to edit. Only the best parts will be on the video,naturally.