DREAM DEVOID was formed in September 96 by Panos Argyriou on bass guitar and Liberis Tsabras on rhythm guitar. In January 97, Akis Triantafillou on lead guitar and Dimitris Zalahoris on vocals joined the band. With this line-up and the assistance of Kostas Agouras – a member of DISHARMONY – on drums, we recorded our first demo “NEBULOUS” in May 97. NEBULOUS combined pure heavy and speed power elements along with melodic touches. It received very good reviews in the two mainstream Heavy Metal magazines of Greece, Metal Hammer and Metal Invader: “A very good presence, strong musical compositions, heavy and clear sound … beyond power, energy and volume, they posses good technique and technical complication in their songs.” (Metal Hammer, Issue No 155, December 97). “This demo tape includes the well known song “Consequent Sins” which I personally think is the perfect mix of JUDAS PRIEST 's “Pain killer” along with FATES WARNING and CRIMSON GLORY. The other two songs are at the same level and are characterized by the exploding outbursts, the storming guitar melodies, the impressive bass guitar and the very good drumming … DREAM DEVOID have prepared a dynamite demo tape.” (Metal Invader, Issue No 13, November 97). Our song “Consequent Sins” was featured in Metal Invader‘s CD compilation “Warzone II” and impressed many Greek underground Heavy Metal fans: “After the first hearing of Warzone II, many people tried to get some information regarding DREAM DEVOID in old issues of Metal Invader. This is the kind of sensation they brought about with their participation the talented Athenians” (Metal Invader, Issue No 13). Several live shows followed the release of “Nebulous”, including METAL INVADER' s Festival where DREAM DEVOID performed along with groups such as NIGHTFALL. At the beginnings of 1998, Fotis Giannakopoulos on drums and Panagiotis Mylonas on Keyboards joined the group. With this line-up we recorded our new CD titled “AEONS OF FORGETFULNESS” which is now being released. The CD features 6 new tracks of melodic speed power metal which as before display a combination of excellent guitar riffs, melodic yet aggressive vocals, solid and heavy rhythm section but this time the addition of technical keyboard playing gives a richer texture and a “progressive touch” to the songs. “AEONS OF FORGETFULNESS” is "dressed" with the excellent artwork OF Achilles Gatsopoullos. It also includes the 4 tracks from the “Nebulous” demo in a remastered form.