Greek Metal Hammer No191, 11/2000

The heavy/power/speed/prog world will be left speachless by Dream Devoid's second release which I hope will raise the interest of the large multinational record labels towards this amazing group. Fantastic is the hearing from a band which knows how to correctly absorb and assimilate the good elements of well-known bands, and produce songs with character and personality as well as background. All the instruments are faultlessly played, the vocalist possesses an excellent voice, the songs have been worked on 'till the last detail, while the sound and production are "professional". Even though the intro has a gothic touch, the rest of the cd presents five excellent compositions that balance between melodic power and speed, while the mastery and the whole orchestration depict a semi-progressive side of the group. Fans of Helloween, Crimson Glory and Iced Earth (as main references) will go wild over this release. In conclusion, the cd includes as a bonus their first demo-release "Nebulous" (containing four songs) in a remastered form. A must have.

Rating 9/10


Metalcrush E-Zine

(by George Gkousetis)

Dream Devoid come from Athens and "Aeons Of Forgetfulness" is a quite worthy piece of work. Second try for the guys, as they get a little away from what they had present 3 years ago with the "Nebulous' demo. More technical, smart use of keyboards and a superb setup and mixing! Except from their power/speed/progressive metal character, you can meet a different approach of D.D. at the 4th track "A Song To Whisper". A full-emotional arrangement based on a piano accompanied of flute and both male & female vocals. They seem mature enough to be involved with music & the metal music business, I'll not be suprised hearing that D.Devoid have a deal with any popular metal labels & agents. Notice that the cd includes "Aeons Of Forgetfulness" plus their first demo "Nebulous", and a spectacular cover artwork!

Rating 9/10


Symi-Gate E-Zine

II've warned you before about this release. It took some more time until this promo finds its way to my ears. So, now the time has come for its judgement hour lol. The CD includes 6 brand new songs and 4 remastered version ones from their demo "Nebulous" and is released by Steel Gallery, which is releasing only from very good to great stuff so far! And seems it continues following this route. Unique power metal coming from those Athenians, who seem to know the game really well. The addition of Panos Milonas (keyboards) and the change of the previous drummer with Fotis Giannakopoulos added a more progressive touch to the past's result ("Nebulous" demo 1997) so as and a different "air" to the drumming background. The sound remains heavy, featuring complex structures yet successfully performed and always in the frontiers of melody forms. Smart guitar riffs that usually open and close songs are excellent samples of their own sign. Especially the 1st 2 songs (after the intro "...In The Sky") "Dreams In Void" and "Dreamweaver" I think are their most representative ones and I guess that's the main reason they have put clips from those 2 on their web for listeners preview. I also think they are the best composed ones from every aspect since they include all the elements that can make them differ from any other band. Taking things right from the start we have one of the best intros I've ever listened for a long time, all by Panos Milonas where keys lead while there's a techno feeling at the hit-hats. Rhythm drumming prepares the soundway for "Dreams In Void". There's a perfect harmony between all parts in this one starting from riffs and keys and ending to accoustic parts, solos and vocal melodies. The use of bass is professional one so as and the rest instruments performance. Did I report I've found myself whispering the chorus next days? Excellent and fully sing-along refrain available for all tempos, rhythm or accoustic background. "Dreamweaver" has a more melancholic atmosphere and more accoustic parts than the previous, but still heavy, catchy and rhythm paced featuring great passages, which are not simple at all. Backing vocals work great while the use of vocals in this one is rougher than any other song on the album. The female (Sonia) addition in "A Song To Whisper", which follows, fits great with their soundscape and I believe they should continue using this element in the future too. Apart from this fact, this is the album's ballad tensioned, slow and accoustically-based as it should. "Leaves Of Sorrow" heavy and slow in the beginning, it turns torrentous and mid so as and fast paced in most parts featuring a ghost riff and smart passages once again while the chorus still has high sense of catchy one. Last new song of the album is the totally accoustic, deep, dark and chaotic and I guess works more like an outro of the new songs and intro for the old ones, is the album title as well. Now, about the old songs, it's important to say that the new ones are much better and I think their addition was a matter of CD space, and to be realised the amazing improvement that has been done, proving that the years between demo and this one were not idle. Of course, even if the songs are taken from the 1997 demo the present recordings are remastered versions. I wont analyse each one the old ones, but I'll just say even they are at least a level lower than new ones, they still have that touch it reminds of them immediatelly and that complex structures that characterizes their composing ways. And that "Consiquent Sins", which was the song that make them known to the Hellenic underground still keeps its magic and that intro "Not A Cloud..." is musically awesome. Basically old songs require more listenings to be better understood and judged fairly, but anyway. Looking for influences?? That's what I'll ask my friend Panos Argyriou when the interview time comes, because I'm really confused too. Maybe a little bit Iced Earth in some rhythm parts, maybe... The elements included in their music are such personal and I really don't know what to say. I also didn't find any disadvantages... maybe the production could be better, maybe and the vocals. The result I love it the way it is now anyhow. So, it deserves the almost perfect grade fairly. It doesn't need to mention you MUST get it! For the moment, just go to mp3 section and download the 2 samples. Recommended to every metalhead on this planet!

Rating 9,5/10 (Review by Stamatis Kritikos)

Fame of Metal E-Zine

This cd was released the previous year and it includes the band's 1997 demo. In the meanwhile the guys have signed a contract with Steel Gallery Records and therefore this cd will be re-released shortly. As it seems, the guys from Greece present in this cd heavy power music in the style of the old Iced Earth. I find this cool, as there are very few bands that play this way and even less who can perform and play this well. But Dream Devoid are of the creditable exceptions. Their compositions are fresh, melodic and pure metal. I liked it downright very much. I can suggest this cd without any hesitation, as one cannot expect something other than good music coming from this band.

Rating 5,25/6

Monsters World of Metal E-Zine

Knowing where this cd was coming from, I quickly glanced at the cover in hopes of not finding another Iron Maiden clone done Hellenic style. My calls have been answered. I guess they got tired of my whining. Aeons Of Forgetfulness is a brand new demo from Dream Devoid and it also contains tracks from their previous demo titled "Nebulous", which consisted of a different line up. Results lead to two different bands, 2 different eras and two cd's. Confusing probably but just keep reading. The "Nebulous" demo tracks come off as straight on metal more inclined to the traditional early 80s in powered ways such as Fates Warning although probably not as epic and progressive structure wise (But they do try to be). Throw in some Running Wild too. Expect half speed metal and half thrash notions. Although not that old, they do sound outdated. They are short of a 'de bon air' energy that unfortunately causes the songs to come across as flat, lacking in fullness while being your average speed/thrash/power metal. Its funny how they have turned out considering some re-mastering. With a singer and a voice suited for that style, the creativity level falls short and repetitive, regardless if the vocalist keeps the listener from dozing off. With the songs relatively short in comparison to the newer stuff, looking at them through eyes of production, vibes, feels and what not one can draw conclusions that "Nebulous" came off Metallica's "Kill Em All" or any of the early Black Sabbath days. The blackish/Goth keyboard introduction on "Not A Cloud" can be taunted by Mercyful Fate production and texture parallels. "… In The Sky", Dreams In Void", "Dreamweaver", "A Song To A Whisper", "Leaves Of Sorrow" and "Aeons Of Forgetfulness" in their own introspective and cosmic way, dip into a much smarter, richer and progressive world. They tend to pull you in faster, make you headbang to a variety of tones and tempos that are more addictive and intelligent. While pulling for progressively heavily powered structures Dream Devoid didn't forget the inclusion of melodies via ways of acoustical segments, stellar guitar harmonizing, classical arrangements, piano (keys) sections, sing along refrains, folklore atmospheres, those odd late 70s Korg prog sections, male-female instrumental duets and changes that you don't see coming or where they are going and. Dream Devoid have developed to newer levels sounding fuller and richer as opposed to a typical speed power metal hungry clones. The new stuff is diversely Euro sounding than anything else. For example the guitars follow Scandinavian textures and tones of Twilightning, Dreamtale and so on while the music, feels and sounds follow the hugely renowned Italian metal scene.
Mini cd demos aren't always prime examples that adequately represent a well-grasped and descriptive overview of the band and music. Not taking anything away from them but overall their music won't make the Gods bow to them but they are strong and seem to be intent on disassociating themselves from their Greek counterparts clones rather preferring to find their own style and trademark. This they have done very well 'cause the new songs are a lot better sounding and stronger structure wise. This time around they throw in more melodies and catchy refrains with continuous efforts of vocal backups and playoffs thus further highlighting their abilities to improve and explorer their talents. Keeping the listener in it is important even if the compositions, much more progressed than ever before, reach scales of complexity, diversity and misunderstanding. Misunderstanding in the sense they have created music that is heavy, moody, speedy, moody and filled with an array of styles, tempos and textures making this a cd to grow on you for it is music that takes time to understand, just as the technical Pain Of Salvations and Spiral Architects. But as you can understand Dream Devoid have put forth metal of many styles and tastes. Put Dream Devoid next to Dream Weaver as bands to keep an eye on stemming from the Hellenic underground metal scene. Tell them Greek Labels to wake the hell up!!!!!

Rating 7.75/10

Shreddzone E-zine

Hailing from the ancient lands of Greece is the powerful and mighty Dream Devoid. The are a fairly new act on the scene only being around for a few years. This is their second release, after their demo release "Nebulous" in 1997. Which is also included on this CD as bonus tracks. The "Nebulous" demo just rocks, with the same type of heavy/fast riffs that you've grown to love. So actually you'll hear the new songs first and then see where Dream Devoid evolved from. And I know you'll love it, cuz it floored me.
With a strong underground following Dream Devoid's following is getting stronger. The combine elements of speed, power metal, with a touch of progressiveness with the keyboards. Did I mentions melodic yet? Theses guys know how to write catchy riffs and good song hooks. I stake my claim in this band, and I go as far to say that I think this band's popularity will rise fast. They are a great combination of musicians and song writers. I can't wait to get my hands on more of their music. Along with that, it was a awesome idea to include their 1st demo songs on the CD as well. If your reading this with out ever hearing the band, I'd have to say that if your a fan of Crimson Glory, Fates Warning, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, or any heavy/fast metal bands you'll love Dream Devoid!
I'd also like to mention the great sound quality of this release. This isn't some two bit recording either. Songs were well mixed and produced, so it'll sound great cranked in your car CD players (don't worry I already tried it). So lets get to the low down on "Aeons Of Forgetfulness."
Track one "In The Sky," is a intro for an album. It starts with a dark phantom of the opera like keyboard intro, then moves into an almost new age mixed with slow techno sounding intro. This song really helps set the stage for the rest of the CD.
"Dreams In Void" track two is a blistering power metal song that will rip the flesh right off your back! Great guitar riffs and accompanying keyboards. The main riff is very melodic and fast and that's just a taste of what you'll get throughout the whole CD. Lyrics are cool as well, and the chorus parts in the songs are very large. If you want catchy, sing along choruses than Dream Devoid is your band. Dimitris Zalahoris's vocals have quite a range, going from high to deep in a heart beat. I love how the song steps down a notch at 3:29 with a killer slow bass groove from Panos Argyriou. The lead comes later in the song at 8:00 and just rips, it actually backs the vocals and is very melodic. Talking about an epic song, this one has to be one of the best I've heard for a 9 min and 6 second song! I'd also like to point out the great drum work by Fotis Giannakopoulos. He can go from super fast double bass to groove laden drumming in a heart beat. You can tell this guy is very well off in his abilities. Fotis will beat the hell out of you with his beats throughout the disc so get ready for the unsluaght!
Track three "Dreamweaver" is another rocker packed with interesting keyboard lines and guitar work. Liberis Tsabras can really write some cool sounding guitar riffs. I can't really compare him to other guitar players, he seems to have a style of his own. I can tell he was heavily influenced by power and speed metal bands that's for sure. He has a knack for writing fast moving guitar riffs. This song has a great combination of slow and fast riffs, and the way they merge the tow is priceless. The lead section at 2:25 is very mild and melodic, Liberis Tsabras does a great job of accenting notes and his ability to add in lots of melody is superb. You really get a lot in this song, fast riffs, slow acoustic lines, double bass drum work and some speedy bass playing. And Dimitris Zalahoris's vocals really shine putting all his vocal ranges to the test, from the growl to the higher areas.
Track four "A Song To Whisper" begins with an elegant flute intro accompanied by keyboards. The vocals in this song have lots of soul and emotion. I also love the addition of female vocalist Sonia to this songs. It's a very peaceful and tranquil song that will relax you. it's one of my favorites from the CD that's for sure!
"Leaves of Sorrow" song five opens with a dark and eerie keyboard intro from Panos Milonas. This song then begins to pick up pace and brings back the fury of Dream Devoid. I love the powerful sound of the guitar work in this band, and this song brings that rage to the forefront. The lyrics are interesting as well. 3:10 - 4:57 marks one of the most eeriest leads I've ever endured. Great guitar harmonies and licks go hand and hand in this one. I love how Liberis Tsabras orchestrates this section. Some parts are accompanied by vocals, so he really ties his leads into what the song doing at that time. This song is packed with so many great riffs and licks so keep a close ear!
Lastly track six "Aeons of Forgetfulness" the title track brings the CD to an end with grace. The beginning nylon acoustic intro is beautiful. Listen closely for the smooth and somber leads lines. This intro alone shows the great musical diversity of this band's architecture. Then we move into a moody bass, keyboard, and guitar section that brings the song to a higher level. Read the lyrics inside the jacket, very poetic. Their are no main vocal lines in this song just a spoken part, that I just mentioned.
Looking back, "Aeons Of Forgetfulness" is a great CD to add to the collection and to listen to all the time. I really feel this band has lots of potential and will be contributing great metal to the movement. In days of copy cat bands, we need fresh bands who can take metal and add in there fresh outlook on it. Dream Devoid is a definite contributor to the metal revolution. They bring elements of power, speed, melody and intelligent song writing to the forefront. I'm so glad I discovered this band while surfing the web, they have been a great addition to my love for music. They write honest, meaningful songs that bring out the true glory of Heavy Metal. Keep the albums coming guys, we need more!

Rating 5/5

(Shreddzone Quick Review) Powerful melodic metal best describes the Greek metal giants Dream Devoid. I discovered this band while surfing through some web rings on the net. Just from reading about them I knew this was one band to defiantly put on my want list. I got in contact with them and they sent out there kit. After hearing the opening guitar riff I decided right then that these guys rocked. Dream Devoid blend a unique mix of power metal and melody. The songs are very well written and put together. The constant addition of keyboards really bring the songs to life. You can't pass up guitar / keyboard trade offs that's for sure. Powerful guitars really attribute for the massive sound of this band. Pounding bass lines, crushing rhythms, and screaming leads best sums up their playing styles. They have so much to offer as musicians it's not even funny. The vocals are great as well they have lots of range and really bring across the aggression of the music. And who could miss the speed and power of the double bass drums! With killer songs like Dreams In Void, Song To Whisper and Dreamweaver you can't go wrong. This CD is a must for any Heavy Metal fan. Visit them at to get a copy of this metal masterpiece today!

Monolith Magazine Issue No2

(by Sokratis Kapetaneas)

One of the most promising bands in the Greek power/progressive metal scene is Dream Devoid. The group released this year their first cd, which is compiled of six brand new songs and it also includes their first demo "Nebulous" in a remastered form. In "Aeons..." -in contrast to "Nebulous" which was more rough metal- you can listen to melodic power, with a lot of progressive elements and thrash/speed soundscapes. The sound and production is pretty good, and all the instruments can be clearly heard, making this album stand out from other Greek releases with bad production. If we could pick one song out of "Aeons...", that would have to be the amazing "Dreams In Void". A nine minute epic, which presents technical playing, many rhythm, tempo and riff changes and excellent melodies. This is one of the best songs I've ever listened to coming from a Greek band! In addition, another plus in "Aeons..." is the undoubtebly amazing vocals. This album has nothing to envy from any releases coming from abroad. The guys deserve congratulations for this excellent album.

Rating 8/10