The following is a list of the major changes to this web over the last months, years, with the most recent changes shown first:

Well have started on a new look for the site so exspect some major changes here the comming weeks :)
added a few more links to the linkspage.
Added the european tourdates.
Changed the format of the page to a smaller one. 600*800 resolution since many use that.
Changed some graphix, mainly the buttons on the mainpage.
Added the tattoo that adorns my left arm.this is the scetch the tattooist had to go on, the pic is owned by me so ask if you want to use it, ive paid alot of money to the artist for it and i dont like thwe idea of paying for others, if you ask i will consider it.
Added the Info about myself.
Added the Credits page.
Added the the page to the Metal Ring:
Added the european tourdates page.
Added the page to the Crown and the Ring:
Added discography and lyrics.are still working on making this function without problems as well as adding everything on this, may take a few days though.
Added the links page.

Added the whats newpage.
Added 3 articles in the articles page.
Built the Manowar page´s infratrukture and started making graphics.
Added the guestbook


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