Becoming member of The First Warrior Fan Club you will win privileges in the merchandising of the club, with discounts for everything that we throw its disposition, as T-shirts, CDs, entrances of shows, and much more. Besides being participating with other warriors of the fight for the honor to Heavy Metal and of being a fan of identification card of Steel Warrior. 
To receive its member wallet it deposits or order for letter the quantity of US$ 6,00 for expenses with making of the wallet and of remittance through mail. 
Order an e-mail with the subject: New Warrior, contends the following data: 
Complete name, date of birth, address , ZIP CODE, telephone, and if you want, a photo to be exposed in the home page. In the wallet a photo 3x4 should be glued 

Data for shipping or deposit:


A/C Daniel Carrara

Rua Senador Raulino horn 473

Centro - Brao do Norte - SC - Brasil

CEP 88750-000


Bank deposit:

Daniel Carrara

Banco Do Brasil

Agncia: 0738-2

Conta: 5262-0

(To send some voucher type for e-mail)