Steel is doing concerts in Germany, Belgiun and Portugal, and will back to Brazil probably in 10/08/2001.We are planning a great show of good comings, mainly for personal of here to kill the longings.



Steel Warrior traveled thursday in the afternoon directly to Portugal, where it will accomplish the first show of the tour for Europe, includind others countries, wait for news directly from André Fabian!!!




Steel Warrior is in the moment defining the last details for its turne for the europe that will have beginning in May.

A pré-production of the new cd (still without defined name, see research in the page of the band), it is being recorded, we are everybody in the expectation of this new work of Steel Warrior. For who already heard some of the new ones, or attended the rehearsal, it was clear, the sound is well and better and more exciting... We can be thrilled, the satisfaction will be larger than the expected!!!