Metal Attack Vol. 1 (Coletânea 1985) - Noise Records

1.Shine On

Don't you deny the life you'll be living
Could right now be over and away
Look and see your foolish behaviour
It's just your arrogance in the way

Can't go on wasting you future
By killing the environment
And nature won't survive explotation
I live in such fear of the end

Shine on
Horizen's low
Shine on
Cold winds blow
Shine on
Freezing snow
Shine on

The future will be cold
Cold as ice
No bright sunny days
Only nights
How can life go on here on earth
Stop the light of day
Smog alert
Every shining star fades away
It' the planet earth
Dark and grey

2.Tears of Blood

Four o'clock, she's just gone to sleep
She's a girl, no one ever keeps
Playing false is her only joy
Fooling 'round, men become her toys

Bad girl, I won't see her anymore

Five o'clock, I lay on my bed
Thoughts of her going through my head
Makes me cry, tears are in my eyes
What she does keeps me wondering why

Bad girl, I don't want her anymore

Six o'clock, I can get no rest
Now she's gone, maybe for the best
No more tries 'cause I know for sure
I won't fight for that girl no more

Tears of blood
Cold as ice
Tears of blood
Falling down tonight