The Reaper (1993) - GUN Records

1.The Reaper

Welcome to the Evil's nightmare
See the demons dancing round
Waiting for the reaper's rising
Looking out for Satan's crowd

The grave is open, a digger's smile
please welcome the dead

Look Behind You; He Stands Behind You
The Reaper Shall Return
Look Reside You; Walks beside You
The Reaper has Returned

Tonight the Reaper's party is open
Get entrance, get the trance
Forget about the words of warning
Forget about the smell of death

The raft of death now leaves the landing
Waters wipe out space and time
Black man gives a skinless smile
Cold greetings reach your mind

2.Ride On

When the war is over,
Darkness all around
No government, no industry
The world is upside down
Out in the fields, red lights
Fade to black
No presidents, no majesties
The sun comes never back

Higher and higher - straight to the sky
Higher and higher - straight to the sky
Higher and higher - Alohar
Higher and higher - straight to the sky
Higher and higher - Alohar

Ride On - Ride On

Hear what Isay, true of another lie?
Jesus comes and Jesus goes
Nobody can deny
Follow the sign and march to paradise
You can lose or you can win
You only must survive

3.Shadow Of A Moonless Night

Walking down the road like a thief in the night
Rain is falling down and I can't see the light
It's my darkest hour, I feel trouble rise
I can see the animal, it's deep in your eyes

I hear you're near
Near by my ear
Kissing my ass
Steeling my breath

Shadows Of A Moonless Night
I Can Hear The Footsteps
Shadows Of A Moonless Night
I Can Feel The Danger, 'Cause
You're So Wild

I have no time for talking, have no time to run
Candles burning low, I feel my time has come
Step out of my nightmare, sweat runs cold as ice
Sun is rising slowly, it's no time to die

4.Play Your Game (And Kill)

Young and free, it's a crasy scene
Evil's smile between your eyes
Eye to eye and back to back
You can't escape as the sun turns to black

Hot tinight - I wanna know
what you feel inside
Hot tonight - Your eyes are
full of lies

Play Your Game
Play Your Game
Play Your Game
Play Your Game ...
...And Kill

Never again, I won't see your hands
fear is everywhere you stand
We all live in a state of hate
We're so blind but that's our fate

5.Wedding Day

I need you here beside me,
To chase the night sway
I need your love to guide me,
Save through another day

Oh, oh, oh it's my wedding
Day, oh, oh, oh

Wedding Day - All Night We
Gonna Burn
Wedding Day - The Day Of No
It's My Wedding Day

She's hyperactive and she's a wild romance
I want to kiss her, but she only wanna dance
I've waited all the time for you
You've broken Promises, I'm just a fool for you

Start trouble, spread pain
Piss and venom in your vains
Talk nasty, breath the fire
smell rotten, you're a liar

6.Spy Of Mas' On

You're the prince of evil
And hate rule your mind
You're the priest of fate
Satan lives behind youe eyes

Believe your're never win
Kiip away from me
Lies you tell
Hear the bell
You're time has come

Spy Of Mas'On

You're the king og pain
A loser of your own
A creature of blood
And a friend of no one

7.Under My Flag

I wanna know it, I tell no lies
I wanna choose my life the way I mean
Now can you see it? Now can you feel it?
We break the rules for Rock'n Roll

Live fast - Die young
Don't live for nine to five
Work hard - Die young
I bon't wanna close my eyes

Under My Flag - You'll Gonna Win
Under My Flag - You'll Never Loose Again

Over and over straight to the top
We're all the bad, bad boys, but we enjoy
You can'tbelieve it, we'll make your day
And we'll make your wish, that you've never been born

8.Fight The Fight

Raging on a warpath, storming through the town
Blowing it to pieces, killing all around
Fighting for existance, looking for a way
Now it's getting harder, it's the price you pay

Black or White - it's no different kind
Black or White - the leader are so lind

Fight The Fight
Fight for Your Right
Fight The Fight
And See The Light

Crossing bloody streets, waiting for attack
Living for a moment, never turning back
Striking down the white, killing all in sight
It's a state of hate, where fires burning bright

9.Legion Of The Lost (Part II)

The gates of hell are open
The night of the wolf has broken
The moon of madness is shining
The son of evil is rising

They're marching on and on and
There's no place to hide
They're living in fear
Oh god can't you see
Their eyes are full of tears
They're starting to run
They never reach the end,
The end of the way
They're marching for freedom
They're marching for life
They're searching for love,
But they don't wanna die

We're Waiting, We're Waiting
for The Legion Of The Lost
We're Waiting, We're Waiting
for The Legion Of The Lost

10.And The Devil Plays Piano

Dolitician idiots, cruel warriors
Backstreet suchers
Holy terror, deadly masters
Bring us pain, anger and destruction

What you need is what you get
What you get is what you need
What you do is what you did
What you did is what you do

Can't You See - Oh Can't You See
The Devil Plays Piano
Marching armies, maschine killers
Lying prayers, hell is waiting
Holy terror, deadly masters
Bring us pain, anger and destruction

Politicians idiots, cruel warriors
Backstreet suckers
What you need is what you get
What you get is what you need

11.Ruler Mr. H

You're living in a world of sin
Eyes like a blood red sky
You know how you feel
The speed of light trapped in your eyes

The world around you
It's not thePromised land
"H" comes to rule the world
"H" comes to rule the world

Ruler Mr.H.
Ruler Mr.H.
Ruler Mr.H.
Ruler Mr.H.

You look into the past
Lost dreames of broken hearts
You fool, it's up to you
Change your way to a better life