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..: Interview May, 2002 by Eva :..

Drummer Scott Columbus appears to be, no wonder, in a good mood:
"We are back and giving interviews again, back on the road, cool!"

He has the dolor to do his interview about the new album "Warriors Of The World" with me, so far Scott does not know what the critics think about the new work (CD). Whereas this wonīt be the most suspenseful question, cause of the quality of the new album the reactions should be clear. "Weīve worked a long time on the new tracks. When you are stuck in your work, you easily loose the outline, the candor." But thatīs nothing new and even people who are in the business for a long time like Manowar are not immune to that. "The innings for a complete impression of the whole thing were rare, but the work on the songs was enjoyable and fulfilling to us. Every album is a new challenge and that's what I love. I have a studio at home. There are a lot of musicians who donīt like to work at the studio, I like it. I can work a lot there and unhurriedly. And we only care about Manowar when there's something going on and about nothing else besides. We want to create the best possible product and of course hope that the fans will like it at last. Heavy metal fans are more thankful and dedicative. When the band lets their fans know that they are a big inspiration to the band, the fans make every gig a big experience. It is a mutual giving. Every concert is like a fingerprint. Be it press or fan, everyone has his own opinion and not everybody hates or loves this record."

If you really do it from the heart, it seems that you will get your reward for it someday.
"If you as a musician really love what you do, you can survive. We always did, what "felt good" to Manowar. I dont know if it would be harder to get to the status we have now, if we just started yet. I am simply convinced that you can achieve succes when you believe in what you do and stay true. No matter what other people say: "follow your heart. If you always listen to what others say,its hard to find your own way.If you care less about the stuff that others say you will find your way for sure and get by very well. That should not mean that you should not listen to others anyway. Because nobody got his wisdom from the whiskey bottle. And everyone can and should take a real look at himself, think about his behaviour and change sometimes. And the needed impulse for it comes often from outside. The only thing you have to do is to decide whether this impulse comes from the right side or not. And you should not stick to a oneway thinking, nor should you let others confuse you. At least not when it comes to tastes. Insofar we are not happy as hell about good reviews and we dont cry when we get bad ones. Positive feedback is good, but does not change reality."

Manowar denominate their fans as the best in the world:
"Thatīs the reason why the title of the album and the title song is dedicated to the fans.

" Warriors Of The World United" will be the first single and video. I can imagine that this will give a little life back to the scene.

"Yeah, some records are able to do that, and it would be great if "Warriors Of The World" became such a song. Itīs a very diversified thing, rocky and with classical influences. It was very exciting to do this record. I like mixed emotions on a record, as part of the audience and as a musician. Unfortunately some Bands always do the same or nearly the same... or some songs repeat always. That's not what we do. Heavy metal and classic are pretty diversified and fit together perfectly. Thats why we always try to combine this stuff.

When it comes to music Manowar has reached nearly anything, or...?
"So,im going to do a solo project in the near future. As a band you got to stick to your roots, and it will work. It is cool to be an idol, but on the other hand you need time to develop. Though I have to admit that we don't think much about if someone looks up to us as idols or not.. The music gives me the strength to forget about negative stuff. You can't always think about negative stuff and experience something good."

Sounds like the self fulfilling prophecy, that seems true to me. You could call that the placebo effect of the soul.

"If you just sit and wait whats going to happen,it wont be something good in most cases.The attitude in metal would be a good one for the rest of the world in some situations. Some artists forget to comprise the consequences of their actions. Some of them don't care about the fans or their career but of how much they can drink and how much they can sleep."

Because of that Scott can understand some of the prejudices against the metal scene and the musicians - though he can't endorse them because of that.

"On the other hand: If nobody had prejudice, (or) everyone would have the same opinion there would be just one CD, one kind of art possibly one type of human. The variety and the different opinions and tastes is what art is all about. Ignorance is the problem: If there's something you don't know - hate it.That's just stupid, and nothing else. No matter in which area you have this attitude. And you need to make people realize that."

But back to music in basic: There is a reason for Manowar to always sound like Manowar:
"We have a recipe for a new record. Some of the songs were written two or three weeks before we hit the studio and some others we worked on since the early days of the band. Itīs something to do with a kind of magic, wizardry. Somebody starts with an idea, a guitar riff or with a drum part... and then we work on it till we get the perfect result."

And in opposite to to other artists who finish with their latest songs or in the worst case can't even identify with older material are Metal Heroes.

"When I listen to older songs I don't remember past situations, but emotions.To my opinion, as an artist you should act in a way that you can be proud of anything you did and do."

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