PLEASE note that the Warroom contains strong language.

Current Week: Episode IV - April 29th, 2004
The fireside chat. Feck FDR, we do it in STYLE! This week's warroom is a little late as we taped on a handheld recorder in the middle of NOWEHERE. It was originally taped on April 29th, 2004. Light on the metal content, heavy on mountain pies and goofing off.

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Current Week: Episode III - April 15th, 2004
This week, we go on a full-assult as we take on Metallica, Tr00!!! Black Metallers, and Gene Simmons. We also update you on some albums, tourdates, releases and more of our usual goofing off. So be sure to toon and listen!

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Episode II - April 2nd, 2004
No this isn't the Attack of the Clones! Dan and Reno return for their second broadcast. A little older a liuttler wiser and with more homoerotic fun than you can shake a stick at... if you would.... want... to shake a stick... at homoerotic fun!

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