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Roland Grapow - Quotes

Describing himself on the recordings of "Kaleidoscope":
"I've heard everyone, and everyone was rather free, because I'm not a dictator. I didn't say to nobody how they should play."

Comparing the works in his solo career and Helloween:
"On my solo records, I totally express myself and that that brings more for Helloween, because this band has its own style and sometimes I feel a little restricted inside it. My solo albums give me the ways of express myself completely and move on all the possible directions."

Describing his relationship with Kai Hansen:
"Our relationship is very good from now on. One appreciates each other very much. Each one has a huge respect for the other."

Comparing him with Yngwie Malmsteen:
"I'm not a mere copy of Yngwie. I have classical influences, but the working methods are different. Yngwie is my friend and I'm not stupid to say that he didn't influenced me, but I'm more influenced by Richie Blackmore."

Comparing his guitars on solo records and Helloween:
"On Helloween, my sound is much more worked, modified, and ends up sounding less natural."

Looking back to the sales of "Better Than Raw":
"I don't evaluate anything only on sales."

Describing the album "Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part 2":
"When I'm writing songs, I always keep in mind this album, and I always think of this level that the band had at that time."

Explaining his inspiration on songwriting:
"I like to listen to different music, not the same Helloween sounding bands. I never listen to that. That is too boring for me. I mean, for me it's nonsense to listen to bands who are copying Helloween. Of course I check them out, but I want to listen to bands that I can learn something new from. But listening to bands that sound like us is like taking a step back. We want to take a step forward."

Expressing his opinion about Napster and MP3:
"I hate it. Not as much as Metallica, that I would have the wish to sue somebody, but it's not good for any band. It's not good for the band because we need the money to be able to do a good production, you know?"

Chossing his favorite period:
"I like the seventies. Not because everything was better or anything, but that was the time when you really learned and were inspired by music. You were more open-minded back then when you were younger."

Joking about an historical event he would like to change:
"The World War II... Germany should have won the war! No! Don't write that! I'm just kidding!"

Choosing three things he would save if his house caught fire:
"My cat, my dog and my wife!"

Explaining why Helloween is very popular on the east:
"In Japan, they care very much about the instrumentation. In Europe, if you do a long solo, everyone loses interest in it."

Expressing his opinion about the Iron Maiden line-up with three guitars:
"I think it's funny man, but if I were playing in the band I would not be so happy about it, however it can be very interesting to the fans."

Looking back to his vocal performance on "The Four Seasons Of Life":
"Also a lot of people in the press gave me a hard time, they did not like my voice. So I realized after six months and everything after it all calmed down with the press that they were actually right, and I should not be a singer."

Describing his first experience with guitarplaying:
"I was 12 years old and my father already bought me like an acoustic guitar, which was very small, and me aside saying he was going to start me with guitar lessons. So I went to this teacher and I was in this classroom with five girls and four boys or something like this. I was so shy when I was younger, I was sitting very far away from the teacher and when he would call on me, my face would get red and I would be like 'Fuck!', haha. And all of these theories and crap annoyed me and I hated these. I could read music just fine but I just wanted to play and hear it with my ears. So, the guy told my father after 6 months that I had no talent and to take me away."

Remembering Ingo Swchichtenberg during the "Chameleon" period:
"Then one day I saw him crying... He was so cool and laid back, he was a good drummer, and he was crying!"

Remembering the whole Helloween situation during the "Chameleon" period:
"It makes you stronger, definitely because you know how to deal with things of this sort and we all had to deal with it."

Thinking about the season of his life he's living right now:
"Maybe already in Autumn. I'm fucking old. Or maybe late Summer."

Describing how music is more an art than a business:
"I'm here and I pay with my own money all the tour, because the album is not on sale yet and the label doesn't support the band until the album is released. And I do it all to play, because I love to play. I'm losing my money here."

Explaining his style that mix heavy metal and classical music:
"I think metal is not so far from classical music. I simply take the classical melodies and play them with the electric guitar, that's all."

Describing the tour with Iron Maiden:
"Maybe we had a lot of problems on stage, it's always not my favorite part to support or play on festivals only, 'cause you never have any soundcheck and a good show with a decent sound is always a question of luck."

Looking back to the "High Live" album:
"It's hard to get the feeling of a concert on an album, what you felt in front of thousands of people. It's impossible put this on tape."

Describing Blaze Bayley:
"My opinion could have been better if he was more cool. But, he was a guy hard to deal with, he was never friendly with us. Obviously it's not a good thing playing on stage knowing that the guy who's singing will not be on the next album, or the next tour. It was very unconfortable and some stuff was kinda unfair, like people saying shit about him on his back. It was really unpleasant, after all, he did his job. Even though the result wasn't good, he gave his best. People didn't like it, but he tried the best as he could."

Explaining the opinions about "Kaleidoscope", on which Jens Johansson played as a guest musician:
"I received an e-mail this morning from Anders Johansson, the drummer of Hammerfall. He likes my solo record and he e-mailed me saying that he loves everyone on the album and that the sound is great, and so on. He likes the songs and for me this is nice when musicians write me and give me compliments. Last time I tried to talk to him when I met him at a festival he sort of ignored me since he did not know me too well. I was like 'Hey, your brother played on my record!' and he's like 'Oh, ok...' and that was it."

Describing the song "The Dark Ride":
"The situation we have now it is... Well, the concept of the record is a bit dark and serious and life itself is very serious, so I wanted to make a statement about life and to even have a positive message on it. I always like to have a positive side to the lyrics so nobody gets depressed, because I'm not really a depressed guy but I like to think about life."

Comparing Tommy Hansen and Roy Z:
"Tommy always told me that I was so good in producing and arranging my songs that he didn't need to help me and said to do what I wanted. I wanted someone to push me on the guitar side more and it's kind of stupid to pay someone a lot of money to not help you out really. If I say anything about Roy is all positive. He is so creative and he helped me a lot on my guitar, and that was always a dream and what I always wanted to have and I never had this with the two previous producers in the band. This is the first time I had a guy sitting next to me, inspiring me a lot and I learned so many things about guitar sound."

Describing the recording sessions:
"When you finish an album, you always wonder whether you could have done this or that better, or whether if you shouldn't have left out two softies for two faster songs. But you don't have the time to change everything again."

Expressing his feelings about Brazil:
"I really like here... I've already been in São Paulo before and I liked it. Copacabana, in Rio, is also very nice. People here are open-minded, it seems like they really have fun, like they enjoy their lives. I think that I would live here too if I could..."

Expressing his opinion about electric guitar and orchestra:
"I don't think that the electric guitar alone is good enough to play with a whole orchestra, because it destroys a little the result, both the guitar and the orchestra. Besides, without drums, I don't think it's enjoyable at all."

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