• April 21st, 2000

    Once again I'm back with some more stuff for you to look at. This time is a brand new mobile phone page, courtesy of Vanilla Beans from Japan. She needed to make it simple and nice, so she asked me permission to use my Helloween Super Deformeds (which you can see at the Pictures section) to display them on the page. Even though it's in Japanese only, you can access it through your cell phone (iMode) at: You will then hear some little Helloween tunes, and then, tada! My little artwork. Check out the pix below of her mobile phone she generously took for me. Now, isn't that cute? :P
    Well, an honor for me, if you do ask. Ganbatte kudasai, Vanilla-san!

  • March 31st, 2000

    Hello people, finally some good news for all of you who were missing the sound files. I have found some storage space on the web that will allow me to keep MP3s, and I already uploaded most of my collection (you can see the samples I have available at the media section). However, you'll need to ask me for a password and give me your e-mail address in order to have access to all of the files. Don't ask me why... Storage provider rules. Oh well... Soon I'll finish uploading everything so check often.

  • February 27th, 2000

    Hello again, I'm VERY sorry for all the time it took to finally work on something in here... I had to cope with a move recently and couldn't get my internet connection back until some weeks. In addition, I've been involved in a series of activities which kept me from maintaining my site for a while so I'm always busy. Anyhow... I've redone half of the New York `98 section (namely "About" and "Pictures") so you can check those out. "Sounds" will have to wait a bit because I've been having trouble storing them in public servers, considering they are BIG, and they are in .mp3 format. On the other side I got the links up. I'll try to make some time to update and make new graphics for the site so keep watching!

  • January 22nd, 2000

    So, after after a complete remodeling with new graphics, the songwriting section is ready. Now with optimized pictures so that it takes less to load than the previous version.
    It's also updated with lyrics from the latest cover album "Metal Jukebox" (Jap version) and its respective single "Lay All Your Love On Me". However, please note that I only typed down the lyrics that have in any way relationship to Weikath, either by arrangement or idea (since they are all covers).
    And again, special thanks to Setsuko Murasawa for being so kind to send me the CD and provide me with the cover of "Lay All Your Love On Me". Domo arigatou, Setsuko-chan! Otanjoubi no purezento o kaimasu! :)
    I'll work out more sections in the following days so keep checking back often, and don't forget to leave your comments in the guestbook.

  • December 31st, 1999 - New Year's Eve

    Well, hello there... You might want to know that the media section is up now, though there are still a few links that won't work due to storage policies. Don't forget to check the two Helloween animated cartoons once you are there. Congratulations to Helloween again for their 15 years, and hope you have a great Millenium.
    So, right now I'm off to Times Square to celebrate with the rest of New York City :)
    Have a happy and HEALTHY New Year 2000!!!

  • December 27th, 1999

    New design (well, not really... but.. hehehe), and new home too. Hope you all enjoy! :)
    Please excuse if some links don't work at the moment... It won't be long until I finish fixing them and put the adequate stuff where it belongs. Meanwhile, feel free to surf around the working links :)

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