New York `98

A World that's full of LOVE!!!

Michael and Roland during "Future World".
I canít see Rolandís face!
Andi was making some funny moves and dancing, while 'comparing' Roland and Michael in their guitar playing. Weikath's solo was amazing, and the guys continued giving away picks and holding hands. One time, I held and extended my hands to Andi so many times, smiling, that he also smiled, and petted my head too while holding my hands again. That was awesome, I never felt so good in my life. And I also was happy thinking in the guy behind me, as I knelt if front of the stage rather than having my knees crushed and so I might say I also put the heels of my boots where I was not supposed too, heheh... :P O.K., next was We Burn, and before starting, Roland confessed that all of his guitars were in Brazil, and apologized for any inconvenience that may cause. But that was funny, as he did seem to be enjoying his own confession. The crowd laughed, and he and Weiki began to play. I loved Mikey's introductory solo, so speedy and powerful; meanwhile, Roland was drinking some Cherry Gatorade and Markus a bottle of water. Roland drank a little and then offered kindly his bottle to the crowd. I got to have it after a couple of guys drank from it, but I did not keep it, but left it in the front of the stage, keeping my Weiki beer instead. After We Burn, Andi presented the band to the audience, with each one of them making a demonstration of their musical talents. Wake Up The Mountain made its appearance then and, my friends, that was one of the best
songs; I was with Weiki's bottle in my hand and I didn't stop raising my fist and the bottle respectively when we sang along with Andi: "One more to count in, WAKE UP THE MOUNTAIN!" Andi was smiling at everyone, and then he said: "Thank you so much! Good night!" Of course we knew they were not going already, but we still heeded the call: "Hell-O-Ween! Hell-O-Ween! Hell-O-Ween!" Then Andi stood in front of Uli's drums, with his back facing the crowd, and the Latin spells of The Time Of The Oath arose. It was a moment of suspense, and Harmon, who was still beside me, watching my back, went mad, as this was his favorite song from the set list. The electric guitars and the sound effects were fantastic. I really enjoyed singing along with Andi this one. Again, Roland and Michael stood in front of the stage to play the solos, and I was paralyzed, watching them so close. The only thing I could do was to take pictures and more pictures. Luckily, Michael was aware of me and made some nice and funny poses, so was Roland, as I was hanging out my tongue to him again, and took a perfect picture of him holding out his. There were still two more songs after The Time of the Oath, so Roland walked to the front again, with his blue Fender, and proceeded to play an intro for Future World... However, he was so close to me I got to 'play' some strings of his guitar for a while, then he smiled at me again and pointed at me with his index finger, giving me a 'bad He got the shot instead of Weiki!

Roland after he put his hand in front
of my camera. He got the shot :)

A True Milestone!

Handsome Uli smiles at me for the
only pic I took of him. Thanx! :)
girl' look while laughing. He then started the intro for real, and the people went crazy like hell, so went I... The song was so fast and energetic, I was on my knees, but anyway, I just kept moving my head back and forth, and to the sides violently; I think my long hair was a mess after that, not to mention the people behind me. Roland kept distributing picks and holding hands, and I was looking at at him, but he just smiled, as he already gave me a pick. The crowd sang along with what was left of their throats, and finally Andi announced the last song of the show and my very favorite: How Many Tears. Although Andi's voice and style were different from the Kiske's live versions, he sang it pretty good, and with a great feeling. He could not reach the high pitches, but it was cool anyway. What was awesome was when it was Michael's turn to play the greatest solo in the show, right in front of me, and the music sounded so beautiful that I even forgot to take more pictures of him even though he was few inches away. I was amazed... I think it was the most beautiful song I've ever heard live, and I could not do anything but just look at Weiki. At some point I decided I had to have that shot and took out my camera, focusing then on Mike. To my surprise, the only thing I saw on the little screen was a BIG hand, and then I looked out just to find out it was Roland's! God, that was so funny! He then looked at me laughing with his tongue out, so he got the shot instead of Weiki. The
last two minutes of How Many Tears, I managed to stand straight in the front of the stage, holding my beer, and Andi was thanking and saying good bye to everybody while Uli, Markus, Roland, and Michael were playing their ending tunes, with great drum work from Uli. Meanwhile, Andi was holding his last hands, and when he held mine for the last time he gave me a hug; I was excited to tears, and gave him a kiss saying: "You are the best!" He smiled and then thanked the audience once more, saying they loved us and promising they would be back. Uli left his drums, and Jorn his keyboards, and walked to the front, joining Markus, Roland and Michael, and of course, Andi, to thank the audience together. Too bad I was SO CLOSE to them that my #%&*@~! digicam could not focus on all the guys to take that historical picture, so I had to be realistic and limit my picture for Weiki and Andi. However, Roland and Uli still held hands for a little while after the show, and luckily, they went near me, and I got my only shot of Uli Kusch; a milestone, since I could not see him during the concert, as his drums covered him completely. I think it was a nice picture, because he just looked at me and gave me a beautiful smile too. Once the guys left the stage, the people was still waiting for them to come back, and chanting the "Happy Helloween" over and over. I then jumped back to the floor and reunited with my partners. What was nice is that all night long, since during the show, Harmon and I began to get closer to each other sentimentally, and so, we held hands, and after the show, we crowned that perfect night with a kiss. We then tried to find Chris and Tony, and actually, they found us. After that, we all together started chatting about the show, and the band. Harmon, Timmons, and I were noticeably tired, so we had a seat and continued talking. I could see Tony and the other guys with their shirts, so I took the last picture of the board people, the one I consider the best, which turned out pretty good. A few moments later, Markus came Don't we all look happy?  We had a very Happy, Happy Helloween!

The Board Guys after the gig.
From left to right: (back) Dr. Metal, Chris,
Tony, Hilda, Harmon, and Timmons;
(front) John "ZenBuda", and Goki "Mr. E".
All nice, great guys! :)

We had the best Happy Helloween!

out and the rest of the crowd asked him for autographs and pictures. Harmon and I could get one shot together with Markus, and after a while I decided I was too tired, dirty, and hungry, so we left the local around midnight.

What else can I say? Helloween ruled. Those two days I spent in New York were the best of my life. I never felt this way before; they surely impressed me even more when I met them. I will never forget those moments of glory and happiness. Sometimes I feel depressed when I remember everything of what happened during the show and before the concert, because all that is left is the memory (and Weiki's beer hehe), but I always look forward to see them again, some time, somewhere.

It was also nice to meet the guys from the board. Thanks to them, my stance in Coney High was pleasant and friendly. Helloween, the guys, and New York were the greatest experiences I've ever had in my life. And the moments during the concert, close to Harmon too, were the peak. Everything was perfect, and the time I spent in there will always live forever in my heart and my mind, until the end of time.

I would only like to thank all the nice people I met, Tony Webster, Cyclonus, Joe, Timmons, Chris, and very specially, to Helloween. Uli, Jorn, Markus, Roland, Andi, and Michael; you all were the coolest persons on Earth, thank you so much for existing and giving me a chance to meet you. Harmon and Weiki: I love you both! Heheheheh... :)
Metal will never die! Keep rocking!

- Hilda

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