• Here you will find all the tracks Mike wrote for Helloween, including his work with other members of the band.

    Better Than Raw

    Metal Jukebox
    Death Metal


    Walls of Jericho

    High Live

    The Time of the Oath

    Master of the Rings


    Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part 1

    Keeper of the Seven Keys - Part 2

    Live in the U.K.


    Pink Bubbles Go Ape

    The Best - The Rest - The Rare

    Pumpkin Tracks

    I Want Out Live

    I Can

    Lay All Your Love On Me


    Future World

    Dr. Stein


    Sole Survivor


    Kids of the Century

    Number One

    Perfect Gentleman

    Where the Rain Grows

    Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)

    Step Out of Hell

    When the Sinner

    The Pumpkin Video
    High Live Video

    High Live Box
    Box Sets
    Pumpkin Box

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