My sincerest thanks go out to the following people, without whom, this page would not exist.
I am eternally grateful. HAIL AND STAY FOREVER HEAVY!

King Diamond: Your music has been a major influence in my life since 1983! I enjoyed my visit with you!

Ed Kolarich: For being a good friend and making King more accessible to us the fans and making my dream of meeting King come true. Also for taking me into your home during my visit and treating me like family. You are a true friend! A special thanks to Karen for coming into Ed's life, and bringing him the happiness he deserves.

Robin Diane Petrina (August 31, 1970 - July 13, 2008): You were there right from the beginning when this page sucked!!  Thank you for forgiving my stubbornness and allowing me into your life again.  I will truly miss you!!  You are forever in my thoughts.  Your pain has are free!!!

Renzo van Soelen: Thanks for linking my page and all the support you have given us to get this page some recognition. You are a true Diamond Banger!! HAIL!!

Tasos: You are a true Diamond Banger!  Metal flows through your veins! Thanks for linking my page!

My children: For being the wonderful people that you are. I love you. Thanks for giving me the web space and for putting the site on your main page!  I raise a horn full of mead and HAIL you!

Hail The Ęsir
Hail The Vanir
Hail the Gods