Day of birth: 27.01.1977
Instrument: Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Hobbies: METAL, Fantasy, Role-playing-games (World of Warcraft), Movies, Soccer
Nicknames: Avenger of True Steel ;-)
Pets: my famous Metal-Hamster (R.I.P.)
Favourite CDs of all time:
Crystal Eyes "Confessions of the Maker"
Crystal Eyes "In Silence they march"
Freternia "A Nightmare Story"
Domine "Stormbringer Ruler"
Communic "Conspiracy in Mind"
Fates Warning "Awaken the guardian"
Hammerfall "Glory to the brave"
Rhapsody "Legendary tales"
Children of Bodom "Hatebreeder"
Savatage "Streets"
Haggard "Eppur Si Muove"
Logarīs Diary "Book II"
Guardians of Time "Machines of Menatl Design"
Lost Horizon "A Flame to the Ground beneath"
Scanner "Ball of the Damned"
Dragonforce "Sonic Firestorm"
Wintersun "Wintersun"
Eyefear "9 Elements of inner Vision"
Favourite Metal songs:
thousands, to name a few :
Crystal Eyes "Rage on the sea"
Crystal Eyes "The Wizardīs Apprentice"
Crystal Eyes "The Terror"
Crystal Eyes "Confessions of the Maker"
Manowar "Master of the wind"
Freternia "Grimbor the great"
Domine "Champion eternal"
Jag Panzer "Shadow thief"
Helloween "Halloween"
Blind Guardian"The last candle"
Hammerfall "The Metal age"
Running Wild "Black Hand Inn"
Rhapsody "Warrior of ice"
Dragonforce "Evening Star"
Crystal Eyes "In silence they march"
Dreamtale "Heartīs Desire"
Favourite movies: Cube, In the Mouth of Madness,
Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Sixth Sense, Ring Trilogy,
Donnie Darko, American History X, Dead End, Twin Peaks, 24,
Army of Darkness, Stormriders, Dark Water
Favourite food: Chips and Coke, Fast Food
Favourite book:
The Stand (King)
Anything from Conan, the Barbarian
Lord of the Rings
Esoteric literature
Batman, Green Lantern, Captain America & Co.
Favourite sex position: Guess... (or try...)
Metal activities: I write for the FAME OF METAL and try to help Power Metal bands to become bigger. I fight for Metal for several years. I want to conquer the world with Logarīs Diary ;-) and become known as a person, who dedicates its life to Metal, without compromises!!!
Why do the others love me:
They do??? So it must be my humour, truth and Power
Why do the others hate me:
Some hate me, cause I say what I think and Iīm a very straight person. Either you are my friend or if you canīt stand to be ignored, you are my enemy… The guys in the band could hate me, cause I push them very hard, so we are able to conquer the Metal scene with Logar ;-)
I once bought an Aqua-CD, cause I wanted to see, how is the feeling of buying some other kind of "music" after ignoring many years everything but Metal.
And I always write Metal with a capital "M"!!! (like others do with God)
Some own words:
I get sick, when I see that the big zines are blaming young Power Metal bands for sounding like other bands. If they love this music and when they donīt listen to anything else, they canīt sound unique. Power Metal is a feeling!!! Young Power Metal bands who are influenced from Rhapsody, Hammerfall and Blind Guardian have to sound similar to these bands. Sure they can use some own elements, but they donīt have to create a new style. I also get sick of many fans (sorry) who rather buy the new ($$$) Iron Maiden-CD or Halford-crap, than supporting young bands, who play Metal from their hearts. The world really should have more idealists!!! And last of all, I blame mankind for being so narrow-minded concerning new developments. Be it technique or science beyond our world, namely astrology or many topics from so called esoteric.