1: first of all, can you present the band to the italian metalheads?

Stefan: to keep this in your words: we’re a bunch of german metalheads, who are in love with their music. We want to have a good time - and we want to give you and all others who get into logar a good time listening to our stuff on cd - or even better: live on stage.

2: what is the response that your demo have received from the audience?

Stefan: the reaction was really great and a big kick in the ass that we’re on the right way. Nearly everybody is freaking out on the album, and those who have seen us rocking on stage (even death and thrash-metalheads) completely were stuck in the music and made compliments about the band´s professionality which is a high motivation....

3: are you satisfied of what you have done until now?

Stefan: the first steps are made and everyone in the band is pleased with the way things are going right now, as with the new songs you will hear and feel that the band is developing musically. And as well as people keep telling us that we did a good job so far we’re happy with all those reviews we’ve got - as there hardly were bad ones....

4: I see that you are present on the MANOWAR tribute album published by northwind records, what do you think about the tributes album?

Stefan: by now, there are far too many tribute albums, but in a way it’s a good possibilty for new bands to may gain some reputation or publicity..... so, it sure is good for us, as all bandmembers are pleased with the result, being the first song we recorded as a six-piece, with me on drum for the first time in logar’s general i have to admit, that there are so many new cds out, that it would be hard to choose where to put your money in - tribute-album make this choice even more difficult. I think that in the future we will tend to do a cover song and put it on our record as a bonus for the fans.....

5: what are doing now, do you have some plans for the future?

Stefan: right now felix, chris and steven complete the new songs they’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks. Possibly in October i will enter a studio to start the drum-recordings, after that we’ll move to a different studio in berlin to record the rest - this is just a quick update to what we’re up to but i don’t want to give too much away, as there should be some surprise to the album.....we hope to get a good support slot for a tour - no matter where....and maybe reach more fans all over the records, endorsement deals, free beer....etc.....just kiddin‘

6: can you explain the story behind the "Book 1" to our readers?

Christoph: This is a difficult question, cause I think everyone interested in the story should read the booklet and listen to our songs. Basically the first adventure from Logar deals with a dangerous voyage to different places. He and his friends have to fight some evil creatures and find the right people to help them. In the end they defeat the evil Iostros. It´s just a story which should entertain, no huge messages inside. Judge it by yourself or listen just to the songs ;-)

7: which are your influences?

Stefan: man, our influences are far too numerous to list in here. But we have a real good mixture of all styles of metal, in fact a mixture of all kinds of music. Of course all of us are into power metal with bands like running wild, blind guardian, gamma ray to name but a few, but on the other hand there are thrash & deathmetal influences as well as especially felix has a strong richard wagner background. Michael (the key-man) likes a lot of progressive stuff, namely dream theater. So you can see - a hell of a lot of influences !

8: that's all, thanks a lot for the interview, and leave a message to the italian kids. I wait for you in Italy (maybe at the next Gods Of Metal).

Stefan: We hope to do a great job with the new album, and of course we hope to do at least a few gigs down in italy, as you‘ve got a strong metal scene and a lot of great bands - so be prepared: the quest of logar has just begun !!!

Interview by Matteo