Hi everbody!

The news of this month are not too good: I’ve got to tell you, that I am no longer part of Logar’s Diary.

After weeks (even months) it finally seemed that some sort of process finding this decision came to an end. I did not choose to call it quitting because of any personal or musical difference between the guys and me – but there were (and still are) things around this band (mostly organization-wise) which made me feel, that - for the best of the band - I am not the right person to fit in anymore – in my opinion we simply lost the spirit, that certain kind of chemistry, that we had, when I joined back in 2001.

The recording/production of "Book II" was kind of a (too) long and exhausting road, and it still hurts, that I am not going to perform the new material (it still is a killer!) on stage with the rest of the guys. But you never know. Maybe someday the ways of Logar and me might meet again.

A final thanx to Hagen, Christoph, Steven, Micha & Felix for sparing a great time and belief in this music we are dedicated to – from my heart I wish you all the best!

For the time being


We are very sad that Stefan quit these days, we had a great time, thank you for all! But the quest will go on. We just need a new powerful and skillful drummer. If you think you are the man we´re looking for, contact us!