We decided to deliver you some nearly daily news in "diary-style" written by our drummer. I hope you enjoy it ;-)

Here he goes...:

-----Drummer´s Diary (Part 2)-----


Hi there, we're back for more...! I met Felix in the evening and he gave me a pre-version of the latest (and definitely last song) that I have to practise for Saturday. Niko is still in Sweden, the lucky bastard *grin*. So if nothing else is happening 'til Saturday, we'll finish the drumstuff that coming weekend. The new song is a great mid-tempo-groover, which hopefully will make you bang your brains out. So having an eye on all of the songs, the story & lyrics I have to admit, that this album is gonna be special and due to the variety of the material I am more than satisfied with the songwriting - very well done guys ;-). Additionally Felix and I tried out some sound-samples for the ddrum4 yesterday, as we used it in the recording-process. We found some kick-drums and tom-sounds that might fit our needs.


I did a lot of practice on the new track today. And even on the one I'll reload this weekend. And I tell you: the new one is a cracker!!!


Practice - practice - practice... - and the new song is already rollin'... - I am really pleased with the results so far.


What can I tell? I re-did one song and played two versions that were a lot better than the first one. And I also re-recorded a final chorus on one other song. Then I had a couple of rounds on the new one and Felix asked me to leave out some bassdrums that I brought in myself, and even more so to change back a rhythm in the pre-chorus which I thought sounded pretty shitty... So, before recording I went a little mad because of the work I put into it. Anyway, we found a way to do it - and we are happy with the final outcome. So, boys and girls: this is it! The end of drumming for the time-being.

We're taking a couple of days off as Niko is working on the drumtracks. So by the end of the coming week we should have listened through the stuff again so that we can move on with the guitar- & basstracks soon.


Today the band met for the photosessions on the upcoming album. We picked a location which fit the needs of the album, but I won't tell what exactly that means, as we still want to keep you curious on what's to come, as well as we keep the tracklist and story of BOOK II hidden in a casket *hehehehe*. I promise that it'll look fabulous. We had a brilliant time, which was good fun throughout the day and we took about 200 up to 250 pics. I am sure that we'll put some of 'em on the page in the coming weeks after we filtered the bullshit out.

So for now I'm off - but stay tuned as there is more madness soon to come - so have an eye into the diary of Logar. CHEERS

-----More to follow soon-----