Hello fellow-travellers!

It has been a while since I posted some news. The reason for this is that I had to write the final work for my study, and it took me some hard months! But now I have some time to tell you what is going on in the Logar-camp. We are still writing songs for our forthcoming CD. At the moment we have about 2/3 of them finished and we are very satisfied with it so far.

The Manowar tribute is released in Italy and should be available in many countries, just keep an eye open for it. There is a song from us on it! You shouldn´t miss it!

We were asked to take part on a Virgin Steele tribute and a Heavy Load tribute, but we decided to concentrate on finishing the new CD as fast and as good as possible, so we won´t be part of them :-(

Nevertheless, all is going fine, we are all healthy and working hard, so be prepared for the second Book in the beginning of the next year!

I will add some reviews and interviews and hopefully some photos soon, so come back from time to time, okay?

Cheers, Logarians!