Here are the latest news: First of all we have to apologize, but we couldn´t manage to record the Blind Guardian coversong, mainly due to time problems. But hopefully we will get somewhen later another chance... Instead we concentrate on finishing the coversong from Manowar. Soon the "Blood of my enemies" will be spilled all over you...!

And also we signed a record deal! After long discussions we decided to try a collaboration with the new Swedish Metal label MFE (Metal Fortress Entertainment). The plans look like we´re going to release Book 2 at the end of the next year. Book 1 you can still buy from us (write us!). Let´s hope the collaboration will work fine, we´ll do our best to give you a high class Fantasy Power Metal album! And MFE will do their best to make you able to buy it in the shops worldwide! Let the journey begin...

Metal reigns supreme!