Wow, we got two new reviews, so we have a total of 29 now! Fucking great! Stay tuned, guys!

Added our first Czech review, but in the English version ;-) In the next days the infos about our new drummer will be online. Come back later to read all about Stefan!

HELL, YES!!! Finally we found a drummer! Last week he called us and we had a rehearsal on the weekend and what should I tell you? He is unbelievable!!! Stefan is his name and with him we will be able to enter the stage at last! Beware of our future shows! We canīt hardly wait to present you our songs live. At the moment we work hard for the Running Wild cover "Riding the storm" for a possible Running Wild Tribute sampler! Youīll love this one, cause we put it in the Logar-style! More news soon to come...

Another short interview was added. At the moment we discuss some offers from labels. Letīs see what will happen in the next weeks. And labels: If you are also interested in us, get in contact, before itīs too late...!

The whole Truemetal.org server was down for a couple of days. Sorry if you couldnīt reach our site! And nobody realized it, cause everyone were at the Wacken Open Air ;-) But the problem will be hopefully fixed now!

We are back from the Wacken Open Air! Hopefully we will be able to play there sometime... Oh yes, and I added two new (pretty good) reviews. One from the Mystic Obsession (in German) and one from the Swiss!