We got a brilliant review from a Greek maniac! Check it out on our reviews page and also visit his site (the link you can find also there)! Yesterday the band gathered again and we figured out some new exciting ideas for the future. So stay tuned... - much will happen!

Today Steven and I got the new Eternity zine (#19), where we are featured with a compilation track ("Demon in the Kaer") and with a huge three-pages interview. Soon you can read it on our homepage, too, but we advise you to buy the zine (if you are able to understand German)!

Another review added. Soon Iīll add new interviews given so far... The sales continue as good as before. And we got another interested record label. Letīs see what will happen...!

Updated the interview section with another German interview released by the Metalcoven webzine. After the great review in HOW we get many orders each day. Cool!!!

Added a review in Spanish. If anyone is able to translate it for us, we would be very happy...! I also discovered that "Lonely on the Serpent River" and "Iostros" were played in the Australian radio!!! Great feeling to know that Logarīs word is spread and heard all over the world...!

Today I got our second edition from the pressing plant: 518 CDs. So in total we printed 1058 CDs so far. And I also updated the links section with some new Power Metal bands...! Visit our huge archive!!!

I added our first two interviews (in German). I hope you enjoy what youīll read! Watch out for our two new reviews, too: One is from the German Heavy oder Was?!?-magazine and we got 10 out of 12 points!!! Great! Hope some labels will pay attention now...! By the way, we nearly came on the sampler released by them; we were on the waiting list, but our CD arrived too late to be put on the sampler. Maybe next time...!

Tomorrow Iīll get the next 500 CDs from our debut! So if you wanna be part of the story, get in contact with us and order the CD immediately! Letīs see how fast the second pressing will be sold out ;-)

We did a major update. Hope the fantasy look fits better. Visit also our new interview section and watch out for the upcoming photo section.

A big thank you to all of you Metalheads cause our first pressing of 541 CDs is sold out in just 2 1/2 months. Another 500 will show up this week.