Now the things seem to start... I did much work for Logar during the last week. Three magazines asked us to put a song on their sampler, we gave our first interviews and some labels seem to be interested, too. But nothing concrete to speak of til now. I did many little updates to the homepage. I added an "Order" page (on "home") and many new links. Thanx for the nice guestbook entries and: nearly 700 visitors in three weeks are also not bad, eh???

Now we start to get some reviews, so I added a review section. You can reach it through the discography section... And I also did some minor updates, just look around, wanderer!

Today the Links-Section went online. It´s become a huge Power Metal archive. Visit our links and discover the Power Metal universe...!

Did a huge update tonight. The site is getting closer to be finished. Most of the sections will get some more pieces, but the basis is ready. You can expect the finished homepage in about a week... (with a huge links-section, e.g.)

The download section should be online on Wednesday. So if you are not familiar with Logar yet, check it out then. One full song and two samples will be there...

The CD was released yesterday! Finally!!! Now we are ready to sell it. We are very satisfied with it; good sound and a nice 12 pages booklet complete with story. If you are into Power Metal and want a copy of it, send 20.- DM or 12 US $ to the following address:
Christoph Uhl
Adolfstraße 17
13347 Berlin