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Dear Headbanger, here you can find some Festivals, Mailorders, Promotion Agencies, Artwork Designers and Fan-Sites...


Bang Your Head-Festival (GE)

British Metal Scene (UK)

Dragon Design (GE)

Dragonight Promotion Agency (PL)

Dragonlady Metalheart (SP)

EMP Mailorder (GE)

Forgotten Steel Mailorder (GE)

H.R. Graphics

J.P. Fournier (FR)

Kings of Metal (ARG)


Lost Agony Records (GE)

Metal Merchant (GE)

Metalpage (GE)

Metal Planet (GE)

Moonmadness (JA)

Remedy Records (GE)

Rising Sun (GE)

Screamnig Symphony (AUS)

Sounds of Metal

Sure Shot Promotion (GE)

The Sacred Metal Page (GE) (USA)

Wacken-Open-Air (GE)

Warrior Trade (GE)