Metal Heart (SP)

Logar´s Diary is a new band from Berlin, Germany and they just released their first album titled "Book I: Iostros". The beatifully drawn cover shows a fantasy scene..., combine this with song titles such as "King´s hall" and "Travelling to the Blood Woods"... yeah, you are right, this is Fantasy Power Metal, but they did enough not to be " just another Power Metal band". If I have to compare them to other bands out there, I would say they have a sound similar to Blind Guardian with some Rhapsody touches without sounding like either. Lyrically, they are a concept band dealing with the adventures of the magician Logar in the Earthdawn-universe (a famous role-playing-game). The vocals are very well done and there are medieval and classical influences, good lead parts & guitars and medieval feeling, creating an atmosphere of typical Middle Age at times.

The album starts out with a spoken intro and then jumps into one of the most energetic songs on the album, "Lonely on the Serpent River". Then you can find a collection of cool tracks, of which "Ti´An - A troubadour´s ballad", "Travelling to the Blood Woods" (with Power riffs álà Running Wild) and "Home of the Traders - Barterstown" in particular, are the finest in my opinion. "Ti´An - A troubadour´s ballad" features lyrics and medival tunes reminding me of Blind Guardian bard style (which I love) and a mighty chorus. There´s another ballad (but still powerful) titled "My love still exists" and features a sweet female voice. The instrumental "Déjà vu" is the closing track of the album.

Overall, there are a lot of parts on this album that sound very good, the songwriting is great and the songs are pretty cool and hold your interest. Being a young band (between the five members they are from 23 - 26), the playing is above average... it´s great to see bands of this age putting out great debuts like this... and it can only get better from here :-)

Review by Marina "Dragonlady"