Tombstone (GR)

These guys are coming from Berlin and they are playing fantasy power metal. Musically they are playing Classic Melodic Power Metal with influences from bands such as Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray, though the influences are filtered and their sound is somehow personal.

Lyrically they are a concept band dealing with the adventures of a wizard named Logar, in the universe of Earthdawn. The lyrics fit perfectly with their epic music and together they form an interesting adventure.

Of course they still lack the experience and sometimes this is obvious through the songs. They sound raw and the not very good production doesn't help them much. But they have talent and they know how to write good music.

If they improve their arrangements a bit and their singer improves his voice a bit, they will deliver much better albums.

It's one of those bands that you know they can make it from the first note you hear. Experience and hard work will get them where they deserve to be.

6/10 points

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