SYMI - The gate of lions (GR)

Logar's Diary are coming from Germany and were totally unknown to me in the past. This is their debut full-length album, refering to the adventures of Logar. Logar is a magician whose story takes place in the age of Earthdawn where he collects experiences and discovering feelings that write to his diary. And i guess the band has transformed this diary into powerful Metal being influenced by the atmosphere of many role playing games that are being released (RPGs commonly).

I have to confess they are doing at least great in this hard attempt. Songs that have all the elements that made Blind Guardian and Rhapsody (i'll add and Scorpions in some accoustic parts and Manticora in a few passages) big names and the appropriate originality needed in order not to sound just like copying those bands.

It is really hard for me to pick up the best songs out of this release, because simply the whole album is like one song splited in 11 parts (2 of them intro and outro), but DON'T think that all songs are the same! Nope! Musical and lyrical sections are tied very smart together and every song is one more experience, one more mind trip in the age of tales and reality. Even if the story takes place somewhere (far beyond!) in fantasy, real feelings overflow the compositions. Feelings like fear, agony, love and hate come out of the story and have as only receiver the listener.

Songs like "Lonely on the serpent river", "Travelling to the blood woods", "Travar - The Golden City", "Home of the traders - Barterstown", "King's Hall" and "Iostros" are real power/epic storms (don't need all to be fast... but also mid-tempo ones) where guitars lead and backing vocals are used where needed and are not tiring at all. The use of keyboards has a definitive position in the songs structure since they add new dimensions and follow excellent the vocals, filling all possible emptyness.

From the other hand, songs like "Ti'An - A troubadour's ballad", "Demon in the Kaer", "My Love still exists" and "Deja Vu" show that Logar's Diary are capable of composing slower songs where passion and rememberance of old memories go over you in a unique way.

Continuing reporting impressive elements, i discovered (in the booklet lol) that the drums are programmed and there's no permanent or temporary drummer! However, they sound like are played by a real one since complication and variety characterize them performed totally faultessly. I should say also that guitars have enough percent of originality in contrast with tons of other bands of this style.

In addition, the beautiful cover art (wait until next week, when i'll put that in high quality in the covers section) and the crystal clear production, prove that is not far self-financed works than the ones under labels names and predispose you to listen the album with more pleasure.

In conclusion, if you are into power/epic (and not only!!) and want to listen a new band that combines personal sound (that means originality), catchy songs and awesome performance, just try this one! I strongly believe you won't be disappointed, but you'll be happy that you will have added one more rare diamond in your collection instead!

Awesome work guys!

9,75/10 points

Wanted for Murder (songs): What song to pick now? I guess i won't! :))

If you don't understand why i put 9,75 and not 10, is because there always frontiers of improvement (even if we can't think of) and because in a few parts the vocalist sounds like he finds difficulities in the running time of the high sequences, a matter that can be improved and erased by the passing of time...

- Review by Stamatis