Metal Militia (CAN)

Well, some of you have heard it, and some have not. The Ones who have, they will never be the same. They have finally arrived, Logar's Diary, and they came with a bang.

Book 1, or "Iostros" is one of the most powerful albums I have ever heard. Nothing even compares, it is becoming a smash hit all across Europe. I hope all of you get the chance to either buy it, or hear it somewhere else.

I can easily place it at the top with some other great albums, such as :

Blind Guardian - Nightfall in Middle-Earth

Rhapsody - Dawn of Victory

Kamelot - The Fourth Legacy

I had to listen to it, two or three times, to fully "grasp" the story, but basically, it is about a magician, who travels all across the world, and puts his sights into words, and his words into his diary.

I have revently spoken with the band, for I am strating to become friends with them. They have graciously sent me this album absolutely FREE.

Some of the top songs I admire :

+ Lonely on the serpents river

+ Traveling to the blood woods

+ Demon in the kaer

Once again, the new release : Logar's Diary - Book 1 : Iostros (2001) An all around great album, put out by a group of great guys. Full of screams and suprise. Only a few albums really grab someones attention. But this one grabbed me, took me on a wild ride. Threw me around, and smashed me into the ground. Basically it kicked MY ass.

Keep it up, keep it real Stay true, and stay you.

- Review by John Francis