The Songs:


Throne of blood

Lux aeterna


Murder by degrees

No sign from above

In gein we trust

Flesh and fury

No touch

Hack it off

Forbidden zone

Shes fading



Album cover of the band CIRCUS MAXIMUS with Manilla Road-logo on it...

It is true: This is no official MANILLA ROAD album. Mark Shelton decided to start a solo project but after a while it was a solo project of three musicians: Mark Shelton, Aaron Brown (Drums and Vocals) and Andrew Coss (Bass, Keys and Vocals). Every member of this "project" has done lead-vocals on this album when they wrote a song for it! Sure the Mark Shelton - songs sound pretty much like MANILLA ROAD, for example Throne of Blood.

All in all this CD is a very good rock and metal album with some commercial songs and some kind of "weird" tunes by Aaron Brown. If you cant get enough of MANILLA ROAD you can also enjoy this special CD!!