The Songs:


Enter the warrior


Queen of the black coast


Out of control with rock & roll

Cage of mirrors

Far side of the sun

Metal album cover

The name of the album is "Metal" but it contains not that "metal" you will expect today. MANILLA ROAD started to find their epic metal style on this second studio recording. "Cage of Mirrors" is such a tune, a great song with an interesting story about good and evil (a thing you find often in MR-lyrics!). It is one of the songs that shows how variable Mark´s voice can be.  The opening track "Enter the Warrior" has a strange rhythm but the next song "Defender" is a real hard rocking song. The title track also shows what to expect on the next MR-records! Again you find "Far Side of the Sun" on this record, the band seemed to like this song very much (Me too!). Listen to "Queen of the black Coast" and Mark´s incredible "ya-ya-ya-yaahh"-screams! 

METAL is also very hard to find today (see "Invasion").