The Songs:


Haunted palace

Spirits of the dead

Valley of unrest


Masque of the red death

Up from the crypt

Children of the night

Dragon star

Death by the hammer

Available as CD here:

Sentinel Steel

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NJ 07866


Phone/Fax: +973 398 3436


Two parts of the original MYSTIFICATION album cover

MYSTIFICATION was the first record that leads the band into a heavier direction. I was nearly shocked listening to "Up From The Crypt" for the first time...they are as fast as Slayer here! The other tracks also sound much harder than those on all previous releases. But they havenīt lost the epic aspect in the songs! The titletrack is a great song also is "The Dragon Star". The whole album is dedicated to Edgar Allan Poe! Normally this album must have been a huge succes for the band because in 1987 Heavy Metal was getting harder and faster, but "regular" Heavy Metal was still popular. That fits to the title of the record: Itīs mystery why there was no huge success for the band after the release of MYSTIFICATION.

Unfortunately the production is not as good as on OPEN... and DELUGE. I heard that thy had some techinical problems in the studio...well, the re-release as CD will be much better because it is totally remixed and remastered (I heard two songs already).