ATLANTIS RISING is out and the fans have not just accepted this new masterpiece after that long delay, no, they LOVE it and call it a new "classic" in the carrere of MANILLA ROAD. Here are the first press reactions on the album:

This is the review of the German magazine BREAL OUT (issue 6/2001). I wrote this and sure it is a good review. I started with the fact that there are just a few bands that officially can be called a "cult band" and MR is one of them. It was suprising for some fans that there is a new album of the band after that delay. With the new line up they made a new album that can be added into the list of classics like CRYSTAL LOGIC or THE DELUGE. MR was the first band doing epic metal and they show all new bands how to do it right. The rest of the review is "just" how great this album is.


This is from issue 05/01 of  HEAVY ODER WAS, the mag of the poeple doing the BANG YOUR HEAD festival. 

It is a very good review (11 out of 12 points, and you wonīt find 12 points very often in that mag!!) and they say that it is so good that MR is still doing their unique style. Also they think it is good that the thrash-metal-elements of the past are in the background of the songs now. They feel that the vocals are more rough than in the past (except of OUT OF THE ABYSS). In the end he wrote that ATLANTIS RISING will satisfy every US-Metal fan.



9,5 points of 10 in the German mag METAL HEART, issue September 2001. 

Sven wrote that it was a good idea that this album came out as a MR album and not as SHARK because it is 100 % MANILLA! He tells that there is still that unique style and this unbelievable voice of Mark Shelton. This album is as essential as INTO GLORY RIDE, HALL OF THE MOUNTAIN KING and TAKING OVER (I am sure you know the bands doing these albums...). Sven is right: You really need this album!



The true metal fans donīt like the German METAL HAMMER that much because they changed into a more modern style magazine featuring more KORN and SLIPKNOT than pure metal. 

Even more surprising that ATLANTIS RISING got 7 out of 7 points in the issue August 2001. Detlef Dengler is the best guy working for this mag and so it is cool that he wrote this review!

And so this review is like the previous ones posted here: MR is still MR and they made another classic. While other bands destroy themselves with doing unnecessary reunions MANILLA ROAD made a new highlight in their carrere!


ROCK HARD, issue 08/2001

...and the charts of this issue:

MANILLA ROAD and ROCK good combination back in the eighties. Things have changed nowadays. ATLANTIS RISING was in the "10 x Dynamite" section and got 9,5 out of 10 points!!!

Boris started with how good 2001 is/was for Heavy Metal. MANILLA ROAD are unique combining 70ies psychedelic influences, long instrumental parts, very hard metal parts and epic stuff. He honours the philosophic lyrics. "Resurrection" is the song of the year!! He calls the style of the MR progressive without leaving the metal terrain and he is right when he wrote that this is an form of art.



...more to come!!


Here is a short "medley" of ATLANTIS RISING as mp3-file. Please note that the quality on the original CD is better!

The Atlantis Rising Medley-MP3