Bootlegs can be a cool thing for fans of a band but normally it is illegal and doesnīt support the performing group on the item in any financial way.

Bootlegs on the other hand show that there is a interest in the band that is "bootlegged". There are three MANILLA ROAD bootlegs known. The first is mentioned on this site in the discography: Metal/Invasion on Reborn Classics Series. This company made some classic metal stuff available on CD (from HAWAII to HEXX etc.) but meanwhile most records are released as re-issues officially. Invasion and Metal will be soon released as CD too (Iron Glory Records).

The two bootlegs on this page donīt look like bootlegs and maybe they are not typical because they were released with the permission of the then-record company BLACK DRAGON. Both CDīs are made in Greece what is not very surprising due to the huge amount of fans there.


Yes, it is the "lost album", here called "Dreams of Eschaton". Funny is the word "official" on the cover because the band didnīt know about the release and it wouldnīt be a "lost record" if Black Dragon have had a master tape of the recording sessions released here on CD.


Even more funny is the note "Special thanks to MANILLA ROAD who made this CD possible"...?!?!?

Please look at the bottom, left: "Not for sale" This is really a strange release...but I would love to have it, even Monster Records will release this material in a official way very soon. There is another big mistake: Randy Foxe is on that picture above but Rick Fisher still played drums on this "demo".

The next bootleg item is a "Best of MANILLA ROAD" called "Live by the Sword"

Well, this is really a cool collection and it must have been a good thing when there was no Crystal Logic and no Mystification available as CD.

The sleeve notes are nice and it seems like Black Dragon records officially let them use that material. Why havenīt they officially released this "best of" worldwide??

Well, soon you are able to make your very own MANILLA ROAD "Best of" at home because all records will be released as CD within the next months in a better quality.