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On the Fan-Messageboard people often asked for the lyrics to the song FLAMING METAL SYSTEMS. This song was exclusive on the sampler US METAL Vol. 3. This serie on Shrapnel Records was very important to the metal scene along with the Metal Massacre cmpilations by Metal Blade Records. The song appears on the reissue of CRYSTAL LOGIC as a bonus track.

US METAL Vol 3 is a collectors item today and pretty expensive if you buy it on an auction. Shrapnel Records later had some great releases with EXCITER´s "Heavy Metal Maniac" and HAWAII´s "One Nation Underground". Funny that the word "shrapnel" also appears in the lyrics of this song.

Beware, the shrapnel flies
Flaming through the night, this night, tonight
The fever of blood runs high
Lightning strikes from the sky, this night, tonight

Take them down, down to the ground, fire away
Oh, I know just how you feel
Give them hell with flaming bloody steel
In this worlds darkest hour
Up the hammers to stay
Don't throw it away

Flaming metal systems
Blazing to the fight, this night, tonight
Axe victims of wisdom cry
Teaching themselves to die, this night, tonight

         (Repeat Chorus)

Lightning strikes Thor's hammer
Flaming metal systems
Titans clash, cannons roar
Flaming metal systems
Ships of steel, funeral pyre
Flaming metal systems
Burning cross, sword of fire
Flaming metal systems