When I met the band at the Bang Your Head Festival 2000 there was a fourth person with them and they called him HELLROADIE. You can find tons of news-messages from him about the band on the Fan-Messageboard of this site and as you can read in the interview he is by far more than just a good friend of the band! But I donīt want to talk to much because he has a lot of interesting things to say in the following interview:

Please introduce yourself and please tell us when and how  you get a part of the Manilla-family?

My name is Bryan M. Patrick   aka: Hellroadie, Percussion and backing vocals for Manilla Road I have been with the Manilla-family since around 1981. How I found out about Manilla Road was a very good friend of mine gave me a "Invasion" album and asked if I wanted to go see them live at a local show...Since then I have been blood loyal sort of speak!

  What is your role in Manilla Road?
Humm.. well over the years my role in Manilla Road as changed from being a roadie, road manager,stage manager,guitar technician,drum technician,to now drummer of the up coming Manilla Road album.

Do you have any stories about Manilla Road? From tours or studiowork? Something funny or something we donīt know yet?
Wow , I have seen some wild things over the years and would take me as long to tell you all the stories,but I think probably the funniest story I have was one time the guys (Mark,Scott and Ricky) played a local show at a pretty popular spot here in Wichita,Ks. They had just finished the last song of the night and started to sign autographs and people that were coming up on stage to talk to the guys, when all in a moments flash, a vehicle came crashing through the wall behind Ricky's drum set...Bricks,Dust.Drums and total chaos flying everywhere. After the dust had settled and everyone in total shock of what had just happened...Ricky realized that the vehicle that was inside the building was his van that some drunk driver had smashed in the parking lot and sent it through the wall.


Then the time Randy and myself got lost in Hartford Conn. after playing the Hartford MetelFest and was chased by this maniac with a machete and the Police had to escort us back to the festival grounds because they were concerned for our safety. We all still laugh about that one!

What do you think is the reason why MR is so popular in 2000?
This is a tough question...I believe that the re-releases have helped in some sense,and due to the press releases in the magazines  over in Europe, really has been the key that has opened the doors for us again. We have been really surprised ourselves on how things are looking in the metal industry and hopefully people here in the U.S. can finally appreciated what metal is all about! I'm not talking about bands like Korn,Kid Rock and Limp Rolls...oh I mean Bizkit.. these bands have no idea what the meaning of Heavy Metal is and it's really a shame. It's time that we metal heads unite world wide and get these posers off the air!!
What is your favorite MR album and what is your favorite song?
Now this one is a easy question Andreas, My favorite road album is "The Deluge" and as far as a favorite song I would have to say hands down..."Taken By Storm"! 

Which other bands do you like?
I am a big Rob Halford fan,Rob is Metal! Grip Inc. , Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Voi-Vod,Manowar,Slayer,Pantera,Black Sabbath, Pro-Pain,Metal Church (first album),Rush, Kings X, Testament, Sacred Reich, Savatage, Queensryche, Prong, Piledriver, early Metallica, early Megadeth, Exodus,Fear Factory, Dream Theater, Cro-Mags, Dead Orchestra (a local here and just awesome to see live) Venom, Bathory, Watch Tower, Exciter,Celtic Frost,Kreator ,Omen,Running Wild,OverKill,Strapping Young Lad, Hell I like about everything, but if you play country or rap you suck!

What are your impressions about Germany/Europe after being at Balingen?
That's funny you ask because for about a month after being back here in the States I was feeling home sick for Germany. I  was so lucky to meet some fantastic people while I was there and really enjoyed the hospitality that was offered to us! The people of Germany I would hope would feel very proud of what they have as far as having a  beautiful country,and most of all having the best "BIER" in the world! .....PROST!

Why have you decided to sign to record companies all over the world (Italy, Germany, USA)? Will you chose one for future releases?
I really don't know why we decided to sign to so many companies . I guess it's not a bad thing to be signed to five different record labels, hell how many bands can you seriously say have done that?? As far as signing to one label ,probably with the new material that we have yet to release.

Wouldnīt you agree that the fans of MR are something special?
Most definitely, I know that a true Manilla Road fan would never lay their swords down! I honestly can say they are the biggest reason that keeps us on the battle field!


Up the Hammers

Bryan "Hellroadie" Patrick