Manilla Road Merchandise



Atlantis rising CD 12,50 $/25.-DM
Atlantis Rising-T-Shirt black in L, XL, XXL $ 12,50/25,- DM
Crystal Logic CD $ 12,50/25.-DM
Crystal Logic red T-Shirt $ 12,50/25.-DM

CD-Crystal Logic (without autographs) with one bonus track and as Digi-Pack (as long as available!!)

Atlantis Rising - the new CD/Shirt

Manilla Road Shirt  

Soon to come on Iron Glory: Courts of Chaos CD-reissue!

Iron Glory Records, Postfach 662, 71606 Ludwigsburg, Germany 

CD-Mystification + 1 Bonus Track, pics, liner notes and lyrics (Click the cover-pic for review, pics and more)

$ 12 (USA) / $ 15 (World)

CD-Sampler incl. 2 Manilla Road Songs

$ 4 (USA) / $ 5 (World)

Sentinel Steel Records, P.O.Box 123, Rockaway, NJ 07866, USA

More Stuff:

OPEN THE GATES CD (remastered & bonus):

THE DELUGE CD or Pic-Disc (remasterd & bonus):