"It's one of the most important albums to heavy metal , from a band that has the craziest fans in our country! "Crystal Logic" released in 1983 and undoubtably it was light years ahead its era. Today it looks like a monolith from another world, like an ancient monument that ,unfortunately, few can taste. With this re-release, everybody can own this masterpiece and get lost in times and places unreachable. MR's fate had to stay underground. Maybe it was better this way...Don't expect to hear a great production or hype songs, but an original epic work by three men that lived every single sound and word inside them.It can't be describe the feeling of getting lost in Necropolis ("Necropolis"), singing "...we never ever will die, 'cause heavy metal is life..." ("Crystal Logic"), but is this real all your mind plays tricks? ("The Ram"), and then is the time that you must never put your sword down, never run away, keep fighting ("The Veils..") until you hear a voice reminding you that a warlord never cries ("Dreams Of..")... Some lucky countrymates saw them live recently and when Mark Shelton recognised the greek flag sang "Lost in Acropolis, lost in Acropolis..."

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