mp3-files have not the same soundquality as original CD´s but they can give you the oppurtunity to check out an album or a band. Here you can find some stuff that might be interesting for you MANILLA-fans. It is up to your internet-connection how slow or fast these files will load!

ATLANTIS RISING pre-listening-medley This is 3-minute-medley of the new album. I tried to cut it in a way that the parts fit together...well, I tried...thanks god this band sounds too various for a "hit-mix"!
CRYSTAL LOGIC - medley Another 3-minute-medley. Useful as pre-listening and maybe fun for those who know this record...
The History of MANILLA ROAD I met Mark Shelton and the guys at the 2000 "Bang your head festival" in Germany. I made a long interview for my radioshow. Here is the story of MANILLA ROAD in brief. Please note that the band wanted to continue under the name "SHARK" back then.
Interview Part 2: Roadster Records and Crystal Logic The next part
Interview Part 3: The lyrics Mark tells us about it
Interview Part 4: Mark´s favorite bands Old faves and actual stuff
LIVE IN BALINGEN 2000: Mark´s "Welcome" ...and a few seconds of Necropolis.
LIVE IN BALINGEN 2000: The fans while "Riddle Master" ...and a few seconds of "Riddle Master", pretty fast version
D.O.A. - The original version by BLOODROCK Here is a 1 minute excerpt of the original version of D.O.A. from 1971. MANILLA ROAD covered this song from BLOODROCK on the "Courts of Chaos" album.

IRON GLORY RECORDS (mp3 - section)

There are two soundfiles of CRYSTAL LOGIC on the Iron Glory Homepage!

COURTS OF CHAOS - pre-listening Medley

...and other little medley...

MESSIAH - Dreams of Eschaton (Coverversion)

MESSIAH were a underground Death/Thrash-Metal band from Switzerland who still are kind of a cultband because of their first two albums. Their second album "Extreme Cold Weather" features some interestining song writing even they weren´t good instrumentalists at this time. This coverversion of the classic Crystal Logic-song was on a later CD of the band. A cool tribute to the road!

THRONE OF LIES - Spiral Castle Outtake *exclusively*

This is it - the outtake from the SPIRAL CASTLE album, Throne of lies. This mp3 was made in the best possible quality for you to download. The song can only be enjoyed HERE! (Thanks to the band and to Iron Glory for this!!)

SPIRAL CASTLE - pre-listening Medley

Here is a short pre-listeninge medley with a few seconds of every song of the new album SPIRAL CASTLE.

..AND  NON-MANILLA Soundfiles:


From the 1984 ep Mark Shelton produced for his label Roadster Records. I tried to offer the best possible sound quality with "home mastering" with my computer (Wave Lab). Have fun!

NEUDI: My tribute to Randy Foxe This is me on drums playing a improvisation. It was recorded when doing soundcheck on the last tour with my band Century. Hope you like it even I am not and will never be like Randy Foxe!
ECONOMIST - "Never bite the hand that feeds" This was my band from the eighties to 1995. Here is a song from our debut CD. My drumming was influenced by Randy Foxe even it is not too obvious when playing with ECONOMIST. I have a few CD´s left. It was released in 1994 by Massacre Records. Just send me a mail: