1.) What was the name of the bandīs own label when they started recording LPs?

a.) Roadrunner

b.) Manilla Records

c.) Roadster Records

2.) Which is the only coverversion MANILLA ROAD ever done on a record?

a.) Levitation by Hawkwind

b.) D.O.A. by Bloodrock

c.) Run of the Mill by Judas Priest

3.) Which song was covered by the band MESSIAH from Switzerland?

a.) Necropolis

b.) Dreams of Eschaton

c.) Dementia

4.) On how many different record companies are the current reissues on CD?

a.) 5

b.) 6

c.) 3

5.) "Another victim..."

a.) ...of the ancient gods

b.) ...of changes

c.) ...of christianity

6.) Who was the guy made the covers for The Deluge and Open The Gates?

a.) Eric Larnoy

b.) H.R. Giger

c.) Hyronimus Bosch

7.) Which song is missing on the bootleg version of Metal/Invasion?

a.) Street Jammer

b.) Centurian War Games

c.) the second version of Far Side Of The Sun

8.) What is the truth about THE CIRCUS MAXIMUS

a.) Two band members left so Mark had to record it with two other guys

b.) It was planned as E.P. but was filled with songs from two other musicians

c.) Circus Maximus was just a project by Mark and two other musician, no MR


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1c, 2b, 3b, 4a, 5c, 6a, 7b, 8c

8 - 7 correct answers: You are a die-hard-fan!

6-4 You seem to like the band...

3-2 You need to visit the school of metal!

1-0 Come back after you bought the CDs and try again!