Part of the US-Metal 3 album cover

Sampler: US-Metal part 3, 1983 (Shrapnel Records)

US-Metal was a serie of compilations on Shrapnel Records in the early 80ies. Mike Varney, the label-manager, always had a faible for good rock- and metal guitar player. Later he has released a lot of important metal-classics like EXCITER´s debut "Heavy Metal Maniac" or HAWAII´s "One Nation Underground". In the mid-eighties till today he released a lot of instrumental albums of famous metal guitarists like Marty Friedman or Paul Gilbert. On US-Metal part three you can find "Flaming Metal System", a strong classic MANILLA ROAD song that was not released on any album (Now you can find it as bonus track on the CD version of CRYSTAL LOGIC by Iron Glory Records). 

Sampler: METAL WITHOUT MERCY, 1992 (Black Dragon)

This CD was a label compilation of Black Dragon Records and Axe Killer Records. For a long time "Necropolis" was the only CRYSTAL LOGIC track available on CD. It is too bad that Black Dragon were not able to promote their bands a little better because this label compilation clearly shows how many good bands they had: Candlemass, Savage Grace, Heir Apparent, Exxplorer, Liege Lord etc. The material of Axe Killer Records like Dark Angel or Ruthless is good also, but has no chance against the Dragon´s bands. "Necropolis", the short and pregnant song from CRYSTAL LOGIC is track number 5 on the CD but it should be No. 1!

Sampler: TRUE METAL TRIUMPHANT, 1999 (Sentinel Steel)

Another label-compilation but this time from 1999 and still available!! "Mystification" will be re-released as CD on Sentinel Steel Records from the US of A, and so you can find two songs of this album here: "Death by the Hammer" and "Haunted Palace". Other bands on this compilation are Attacker (very good Power Metal!), Onward, Gothic Knights, Legend Maker, Axehammer, Burning Starr and Sacred Oath. Get it as long as it is available(USA: $ 4/Rest of the World $ 5):