This is one of my favorite Manilla Road albums. The band was enjoying the success of Open The Gates and it seemed like all the doors were starting to open for us. The Deluge was a great collage of concepts and songs in my mind. The mix was a bit dry but we have helped that out in the remastering of the project that will be re-released on Underground Symphony Records. Scott was if good form and Randy was creating incredible drum parts to the songs I was writing. At the time I think I was at a peak in my guitar abilities. I can still listen to this album and say that I like all the songs and solos on the album. I thought that my voice was sounding good and I was really into the concepts that I was writing about. To this day The Deluge is my Road Manager's (Bryan HELLROADIE Patrick) favorite MR release. I thought the art was killer on this project. Eric Larnoy (RIP) was at the peak of his artistic endeavors with the cover painting for this album. I liked what he did for Open The Gates but The Deluge art was the best I had ever seen on a Manilla Road album and to this day it is still one of my favorite MR covers. As you can tell I really like The Deluge very much. It was a fun album to record in the studio and everyone in the band was getting along at the time. I was trying to take the Manilla Road music that everyone liked so much on Open The Gates to a new level of intricacy and complexity. At this time I was starting to lean more towards the dark nature of mythos and history and I think it shows in the lyrics. This was to become a bit of a trend I do believe. All in all I think this is and will be always one of the best MR albums ever released.

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