I was starting to get into some really dark concepts and Mythos stuff about this time. And it shows in the writings of this album. The Cthulu Mythos was very dominant in this project. At the time I was reading many H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard Cthulu Mythos stories and I had just discovered Clive Barker as well. I had also just finished doing some serious research on the Jack The Ripper murders in England and a Mythos study on the Greek mountain of Muse "Helicon". All these things made themselves obvious in the lyric content of the album. Many reviewers said that we were selling out to the thrash market with this project but the truth of the matter is that I was starting to be influenced heavily by bands that were faster and heavier like Voi Vod. It was just the direction that we were heading at the time. Many of our friends in bands here locally were being very influenced by heavier and faster music and we were just acting on our own likes of this style of music as well. This is also one of my favorite MR projects. We recorded this album at Miller Studio in Newton Kansas where we did many of our albums. While we were recording we got an offer to sign to Leviathan Records. We signed with the label and they paid for us to go to California and mix the project with Steve Fontano at Prairie Sun Studios. The project came together very well and my vocals were as strong as they ever had been. We later did some touring for support of this album and even played with Chastain in the Cincinnati area to sell out crowds. This would be the last good times that I really had with Manilla Road with this line-up of musicians.

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