Songs by Mark Shelton on other artistīs recordings!


New cover of LEATHERīs only album (CD-Cover here)

LEATHER - shockwaves - (Leviathan Records, Europe CD: Massacre Rec.)

LEATHER, the female Ronnie James Dio, was the lead singer of CHASTAIN, one of the bands of the axe-heroe David T. Chastain. On this only solo album of Leather Leone Mark Shelton wrote the title track. This album was re-released by Massacre Records from Germany in 1999 ( ). Check it out! 

ZANISTER - symphonica millenia - (Leviathan, in Europe Shark Records)

When I got this CD from the German company Shark to play it in my radio show I heared that one song is (co-)written by Mark Shelton, "The Edge of Sanity". I promise! After that I looked in the booklet and, yes, I was right! Again this is a project of David T. Chastain but not as good as the classic stuff like CHASTAIN or CJSS. Here is the website of the German company: